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DEAD* JKC : your a global elite and better than i ever can beSir.Flame : awsomeJKC : or you will just admit your hacking, okay.

*DEAD* JKC : nice runboost.JKC : maybe higher rank? fuck bro, silvers never do that shit.

*DEAD* JKC : its pretty obvious, i checked your profile

Ⓑ (Terrorist) Azeertyy @ T Start : im sure you are like 40 years old at 300 kg and live in a fucking shack like a lil dick
Veritas : this game is such a shithole of people, the worst of the worst, trash of trash, have the decency to be nice

What's up, names Jacob. I got a lot of swag and I'm ready to frag! I love playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Right now, I am a high Silver, very high up there. Played with a few Gold Novas in my past games. My life dream is to reach Global Elite and unbox a Stattrak AWP | Dragon Lore
*DEAD* The Wizard : u guys are either cheating or smurfing up the ass...either way ur a bunch of faggots
*DEAD* FinnSKI : lol i smell the dalt
Ⓟ *DEAD*(Terrorist) JanR : we are better without you call outs so you should stfu
Jackeroini : my mom said if i talk more shes gonna smash my head into the keyboaaaaajfgbhfgdfgfbgfghrgbudritgiuyjlhgyuserjfhogy7ufhgysoruvj
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discord: jumpman#8713

comment below so i don't overlook it if you wish to add me on steam
Brandon Aug 12 @ 11:27am 
charlie Aug 8 @ 2:44pm 
un ban me theres no reason for me to be banned and its perm
Brandon Jul 20 @ 11:06pm 
Yeah i'll shoot you a message just seeing this.
jmd7231 Jul 20 @ 9:39pm 
Hey got a min?
TheShark Jul 20 @ 12:43pm 
I donated $20