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MaRoargi (ace defective) 15 MAY a las 5:26 p. m. 
right them in the wrong hole
until they wanna blow
swimming in the great sea
a whale with you and me
making love like crustaceans
venting our frustrations
lying naked on the beach
until we heard a screech
turned out to be your mom
so then I moved to vietnam
Basic 14 MAY a las 5:58 p. m. 
Easy Cuum Easy Cuum OH Oh Oh from the first kiss had your a$$ wide open
Piss Demon 16 JUL 2016 a las 6:43 p. m. 
Sick gank bro
Reddy 21 JUN 2012 a las 10:56 p. m. 
DoodleNoodle 4 DIC 2011 a las 7:30 p. m. 
I like the hat XD
Reddy 2 DIC 2011 a las 5:30 p. m. 
happy christmas time