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Kyle Prepared Well

Kyle prepared for his interview well. But something seems to be missing. . .
Unlocked Jan 23 @ 6:53am

Kyle Was Famous

Kyle's journey has come to an end.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 9:53am

Interview Endings

Kyle found many ways to end the interview.
Unlocked Jan 23 @ 5:58am

Rachel Was . . .? Endings

Kyle found out something particular about Rachel.
Unlocked Jan 30 @ 1:01am

Around Town Endings

Kyle had many adventures around town.
Unlocked Jan 23 @ 7:35am

Santa Endings

Kyle spread Christmas cheer to many people in many ways.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 8:24am

Santa Interview Endings

Kyle conducted an interview as Santa.
Unlocked Jan 30 @ 1:30am

Around Town, Hotdog Endings

Kyle had adventures around town in his quest to be a hotdog salesman.
Unlocked Jan 27 @ 10:42am

Forgot Hotdog Endings

Kyle forgot to bring along the hotdogs.
Unlocked Jan 28 @ 1:45pm

Forgot Stand Endings

Kyle forgot to bring the hotdog stand.
Unlocked Jan 28 @ 1:36pm

Forgot Marketing Endings

Kyle didn't get marketing for his hotdog stand.
Unlocked Jan 28 @ 1:29pm

Kyle is Hotdog Endings

Kyle had a bunch of adventures around his hotdog fixation.
Unlocked Jan 28 @ 1:26pm

Mayor Tom's Office Endings

Kyle had some adventures with Mayor Tom.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 8:28am

Kyle is Detective Endings

Kyle explored and ended his run as a detective.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 8:29am

Jerry the Hotdog Boy Endings

Kyle solved the case of Jerry the Hotdog Bog
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 9:08am

Mystery of 1,000 Eyes Endings

Kyle solved the Mystery of 1,000 Eyes
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 9:10am

I Can't Find my Cat Endings

Kyle solved the mystery of I Can't Find my Cat.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 9:12am

The Mystery of the Bug Vigilante

Kyle started his journey in the Mystery of the Bug Vigilante.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 9:13am