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what am i supposed to put here
hi there.
i'm just your average Steam user.
i'm into many types of games, particularly open world, survival, action, fps, and old school/retro.
feel free to add me if you want, always looking for new people to play with.
i also make GMod scenes from time to time, send me a request and i might do it since i'm a lazy bastard
need to look for me on other social media platforms? just search twzsmasher and you can find me on twitter, instagram, reddit, youtube, psn, and xbox.
also used to be a BL player years ago, BLID is 26211.
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version with right colors this time
Makarov Nov 5 @ 6:29pm 
why did yuo remove me ?
deathope Oct 26 @ 5:49pm 
joined my renderman survival sandbox three years ago.... commented on my profile.. never talked since....

truly the user ever 100/100 we love twzsmasher
Laink Oct 13 @ 8:49am 
twzsmasher Aug 19 @ 12:02pm 
real homie moment.......
Sombra Aug 18 @ 11:48pm 
I was rping with my best friend in a garry mod server and we were pretending to be boyfriend girlfried (even though we are both guys but we are not gay we are just rping) and one time we pretended to have sex and it was all fun and we were laughing until he put his hand on my leg in the real world (LAN PARTY!!! XD) and we started kissing but it was just rp
Sombra Aug 18 @ 11:48pm 
hi there!
i'm just your average Steam user.
i play the video game.
i also occasionally make GMod scenes.
..that's about it.
please leave a comment before adding me, or else your invite will most likely be ignored, thank you.
need to look for me on other social media platforms?
twitter: twzsmasher
instagram: twzsmasher
discord: twzsmasher