Two Tribes
Two Tribes   Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands
Currently working on our metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter RIVE! RIVE is a 2D shooter / platformer with old school gaming values in a decidedly new school execution. During the game's intense 360 degree shooting and platforming action, players learn to alter the behavior of their robotic enemies by collecting and uploading hacks.
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Zowieanna Zanthia Sep 25, 2016 @ 1:42am 
Thank you greatly for accepting my friend request. Just wanted to say you made an Awesome last game RIVE even if it's sent to test our skills. You did a wonderful job, BUT please dont give up yet. Bring us all another wonderful shooter game, I believe you & your team can do a great job & I will certainly buy it, if its as good an better than RIVE I buy for sure :winkkit:

BTW I also bought a copy of RIVE for a very lovely friend of mine, with whom also really likes the game, but has had little time to play and enjoy properly of late. :zztime:

Once again thankyou & never give up ok never :thankyou: :spiderbot: :empewpew: :empewpew: :empewpew: :batbot:
Magei00 Aug 29, 2016 @ 12:34pm 
Hey Two Tribes, love your upcoming game, have been playing the beta for a bit, and I'm looking forward to the finished product :)