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Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter game in which you play 5v5 matches either Casual or Ranked. The matchmaking and overal health of the game has increased a lot of the past 2 years of content compared to it's flawed launch, and Ubisoft has another year of content on the way to maintain and increase this health and it's playerbase.

The learning curve of this game's mechanics is not very high, but the learning curve of playing the large variety of maps and getting to know the good, bad and OP spots takes practice and time. If you are no fan of being shot over and over again in the first 20 levels you are in for a bad time. IF you bite through it and learn the ropes of how people play, it will be one of the most satisfieng games out there.

Be warned though, if you buy the starer edition you will have a very, very long grind ahead of you to unlock all the operators in the game.

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