Most of my friends are fake   Show Low, Arizona, United States
Shitpost all you want, i dont really care tbh, everyone that still logs in on steam is either gay or just so entitled and egotistical that they cant even have a normal conversatiom.

Everyone only cares about themselves, therefore, there isnt a point. To anything. Unless you make a serious effort to connect with someone, they will view you as trash, disposables, or just something to use like a toy for the time being. This generation absolutely disgusts me, everyone is so stupidly dense and hard to deal with, i wish i could just find someone on the same wave length as me.

Basically, nothing matters becauae nobody else cares, so why should I? Just wastes energy and causes unwanted stress

Even if you "attempted" to make "friends" that doesnt mean they'll like you. If you were toxic in the past thats all they see you as, a meme and not a human being. So who cares? Everyone on this gay platform can eat a dick, team fortress is by far the worst game made in the history of "community" games in that regard. Remember, people only hang out with you if they see value or potential for themselves only, they dont give two fucks about how you feel. Totally can be applied to most situations in life, try it out, you'll see what I mean for yourself.

skrrt skrrt down the block baby i cant stop,
driving fast gettin top watchin for the cops

i see the void for what it is, and i love it, love it.

now she all up on my dick when the music drop,
hit the mall, fill my pockets, up it then i shop
And I need a fat stack, I can't fuck with knots
Bitches run around the lobby, sleepin' at the top

list of the names of people i respect and love wholeheartedly:










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Be humble,
You never know what will transfire, I"m always tired. 🐨 tired of the fakers, tired of the haters
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wes_montgomery6969696969 Jul 8 @ 4:45pm 
this is extremely surreal
i'm gonna rape your fucking mom
.' Jul 8 @ 4:18pm 
dude your comments are almost bad as my mother's
fuck you
.' Jul 7 @ 11:20pm