Tukku#4730   Tucuman, Argentina
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I trade sometimes and play shitty videogames badly.
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pretty shitty
ABC 26 чер о 16:16 
+rep Tuku Totoro:nyancat:
ХуЯаНиХуЯ 3 чер о 11:15 
Ha.Na 24 кві о 2:58 
Wen i was yong gurl i was dreamed of having a horse, nowaday i kno that there are bigger things in live. Like horsedick
Ha.Na 24 кві о 2:56 
Competitive Elefun is the next top sport, hands down.

Just imagine, two teams sweating at the grips of their butterfly nets as a roaring crowd eagerly awaits the referee to hit the switch. Silhouetted butterflies shoot up the trunk as the players prepare to fight for each and every one that shoots out of Elefun’s trunk. Fighting through blood, sweat, tears, and hours of practice, one team will emerge victorious with the most butterflies caught.
Darikof 18 кві о 4:42 
Ha.Na 18 кві о 3:26 
OwO what's this? 😳❓Big red ❤💋meaty steak 🥩🍖 UwU ❤❤ 💖Mmm~ So tasty yummy UwO 😉😘, *licks meat*👅👅 💓💓Unnf UwU tastesss soo gwoood daddy ☺🤩😜~~ What?! ⁉️ EGGS?!?🥚⁉️ :0 😮 UwU *Shakeys wittle baby tail*🐶💖❤ mmm Daddy I Wuuuuv eggs~ 🥚💋💖I Wuuuuuuuv💗 💞 Yo Eggs espweciawy uwo, mmm tastes soooo good~ 💦🤤💙Daddy these eggs are sawty~💖💖 OwO ❤😍 daddy is that a sausage to add to my sawty eggy weggys?💖 🤤🥚💗 Mmm *licks sausage* 👅💦 mmmm soooo good~ 🤤💖🥴 *deepthroatys daddies big thick juicy meat* 😳👅 mmmm daddy this tastes SOOOOO GOOOOOD~ 😜💦💜MMMM OwO UwU~ *Nuzzles you*💗 RAWR 🐯🐻🦁💞