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God's not Dead
He's alive!
There is more than what we perceive with our senses
People are looking for purpose, a reason for existence, something more than what we see, feel, taste, hear or smell. What happens when I die, where will I end up? Will I cease to exist? What is the point of everything? All those questions will have a different meaning when you start thinking about a creative God who designed and created everything. But if there is a God, how do I know which God is the right one?

A different "religion"
Christianity differs from all other religions on one crucial point. The acknowledgement by God that humankind cannot hold His standards, His perfection. He knows we are unabled to live perfect lives. So He came to this world, the world He created, to show us how to live perfectly, to be punished for our sins and die a horrific death. He endured all of this so He could pay for the wrongdoings of all mankind if they chose to accept it.

Why God had to die
But why do we need to live according to His standards? Can't He just forgive us and let us into heaven anyway? The problem with that is that when God gives you His standard to live by, you will be judged by that standard. And not the standard that you hold for yourself. Because God cannot lie he has to follow up on the consequences when you disobey His standards, because if He doesn't then His word is not trustworthy.

Heaven is a gift, not an accomplishment
Everyone dies, billions have gone before you, it's just a matter of time. But... Where will you go?
Now we can know that heaven is our destination, because of what Jesus did on the cross! We cannot earn this, He is giving it freely to those who wish to accept. You have the power and free will to decline or accept, that is your decision. Now you may think, that is too easy, a free ticket to heaven. Well, it is! But that is the hard part. We want to earn things desperately and cannot fathom a love so profound and perfect that something so valuable is given to us.

He doesn't even end there, He loves you the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay the way you are. He wants to change you from the inside out. He wants to make you happy despite the circumstances you are in. He won't always take you out of trouble, but He will give you His perspective on your troubles. He never promised an easy life but He did promise to save you for eternity.

Choose today!
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