Psycho   Phnum Penh, Phnum Penh, Cambodia
Lets Escape From Reality!

Best insults from Psycho down below!

Erqaw84: Stahp changing names
M1rror: lol
Erqaw84: lol
Erqaw84: Scammer
Erqaw84: I'm sure
M1rror: yea
M1rror: go to this website
M1rror: www.Mr . Bill & VideoCat - Rusty Wonderland.com/ida1234245/
M1rror: fuck
Erqaw84: xD
Erqaw84: fail
M1rror: UR FAC3 FA1L
Erqaw84: URLs dont have spaces
Erqaw84: ;D
Erqaw84: :c
Currently Online
Beware of impersonators!!
This will be my only account, no others

1. I will not create any other accounts, This is my One and Only Primary account
2. I will not tell you to deposit your items on some random accounts
3. I will not randomly add you without commenting on your profile (unless you do not allow comments from random strangers)

To Very that it is me:
-Only i will have this backpack
-Only i have 6+ years on steam
-Only i have 3K+ Hours on TF2
-"Psycho" is my signature name, i will rarely or never change this name
-I will NEVER set my inventory to private

To Prevent yourself from being scammed
-Look at the bp link that they send you, does it match with theirs or mine?
-Go check their profile picture, does it match these criterias that i have?
-Go look at their steam inventory, don't just look at the website inventory...
-If their inventory is private. You definetly know tha its not me

Save your time and read this. Some people are careless enough to fall for these andom impersonator's scheme.

☣ROBLOX, NwiKing☣ Oct 12 @ 10:15pm 
Looby Oct 8 @ 2:57pm 
Happy to see you're back and active again Psycho, hope life's treating you well :D
Knick ◎ Knack Oct 8 @ 10:26am 
Just commenting to say how jealous i am of your pan and unusuals, you wealthy sod! Good game in MvM.
Zeus Oct 7 @ 11:46pm 
Added to offer on that 13th hr gibus. Shoot me a dm when ur on!
†I†ΛП Oct 7 @ 1:55pm 
add for trade
kozlov320 Oct 7 @ 7:49am 
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And after using the code, an offer with a winning item will be sent to you immediately.
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