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Erqaw84: Stahp changing names
M1rror: lol
Erqaw84: lol
Erqaw84: Scammer
Erqaw84: I'm sure
M1rror: yea
M1rror: go to this website
M1rror: www.Mr . Bill & VideoCat - Rusty
M1rror: fuck
Erqaw84: xD
Erqaw84: fail
M1rror: UR FAC3 FA1L
Erqaw84: URLs dont have spaces
Erqaw84: ;D
Erqaw84: :c
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Just letting everybody know that i don't have any other accounts besides this..... It's the original account.

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Psycho do u see my messages mate ?
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Oh, you deleted me. It's a bit weird coming from you but okay. In case this was a mistake from my name change, I'm Hunter. If not and you did it on purpose, good luck I guess.
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