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Best insults from Psycho down below!

Erqaw84: Stahp changing names
M1rror: lol
Erqaw84: lol
Erqaw84: Scammer
Erqaw84: I'm sure
M1rror: yea
M1rror: go to this website
M1rror: www.Mr . Bill & VideoCat - Rusty
M1rror: fuck
Erqaw84: xD
Erqaw84: fail
M1rror: UR FAC3 FA1L
Erqaw84: URLs dont have spaces
Erqaw84: ;D
Erqaw84: :c
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Beware of impersonators!!
This will be my only account, no others

1. I will not create any other accounts, This is my One and Only Primary account
2. I will not tell you to deposit your items on some random accounts
3. I will not randomly add you without commenting on your profile (unless you do not allow comments from random strangers)

To Very that it is me:
-Only i will have this backpack
-Only i have 6+ years on steam
-Only i have 3K+ Hours on TF2
-"Psycho" is my signature name, i will rarely or never change this name
-I will NEVER set my inventory to private

To Prevent yourself from being scammed
-Look at the bp link that they send you, does it match with theirs or mine?
-Go check their profile picture, does it match these criterias that i have?
-Go look at their steam inventory, don't just look at the website inventory...
-If their inventory is private. You definetly know tha its not me

Save your time and read this. Some people are careless enough to fall for these andom impersonator's scheme.

strx has bday 6 hours ago 
interested in a Vintage Gentle Manne's Service Medal ?
Pineapple Pizza Sep 8 @ 11:48pm 
Hey, I'm interested in an item of yours, added to discuss. Thanks!
FancyG Aug 23 @ 1:11am 
Added to ask something
JuK3 Selling Unusuals Aug 22 @ 2:34am 
adding about a hat
Ashannabuda Aug 17 @ 9:00pm 
Added for trade (maybe misty polar)
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added to discuss some trade :)