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Hello! :knlhermit2:
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The AwesomeCup 2 Team!
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💘SandyDragginz 5 เม.ย. @ 1:45am 
Skruntoo! 5 เม.ย. @ 1:40am 
Did you know that if you try to cross your eyes backwards you can travel at the speed of time? Be careful not to bump into yourself unless you want extra nipples though. Where do they grow? Depends on where you touch yourself.
- ̗̀bag of peas ̖́- 4 เม.ย. @ 7:12pm 
Cappy: Mario! We gotta save :bbtcat: and :nf_worm:
Mario: *in tears* How are you doing that!?
Trawg 27 มี.ค. @ 1:27am 
I wish I caught the chicken, so we could have a pizza party. :SBchicken::pizzaslice:
💘SandyDragginz 26 มี.ค. @ 4:23am 
Your cell phone was just stolen by a domestic chicken.
After getting it back, you look through recent outgoing calls to find a call to a number from Bangladesh. Now I know what you're thinking and you're absolutely correct. The Chicken ordered pizza.
Izzy 23 พ.ย. 2017 @ 6:45pm 

And remember to give thanks for all the turkeys that involuntarily sacrificed themselves so we could indulge ourselves like whales. :steamsad: