mtf, creative writer, pencil & paper artist, aspiring conlanger

if you are from my past, you are no longer welcome in my future
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welcome to my profile
- if youre here to be a loser and leave a rude comment, just go away now bc ill delete it

- youre probably not here for any other reason so just go away

if youre not here for that, you can check out my tf2 inventory for items to trade but most of my better items aren't for sale, especially anything for Scout. ive got some old crappy guides you can dig through, some Besiege creations and a level series that kind of flopped in quality, a lot of salty reviews of games to laugh at, and years of screenshots that im not sure why i took any of.
what multiplayer games do i currently play
team fortress 2
project zomboid *

* technically not multiplayer, but co-op
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The Monster Hunter - A fearless Redguard huntress who left her homeland to seek glory against the foes of Skyrim.

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