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Posted: May 15 @ 7:09am
Updated: May 16 @ 8:37pm

I might refund this if no mod or official fix comes soon for the pillar boxed conversations. This game only supports combat/interactive game play in 21:9, the in-game cut scenes and conversations are all 16:9 causing pillar boxes. The changing of aspect ratios also gives a sense of visual whiplash. I will change my review to positive if it's fixed but otherwise, you can mod the originals into working fully in 21:9.

Flawless Widescreen came to the rescue and once you download it and then open, select Mass Effect Legendary Edition, make sure it's applied and then run the game to fully enjoy 21:9 and higher throughout the whole series.

Otherwise this is a great improvement on all three games, especially the first in the series. If widescreen support is of no concern, then I highly recommend this game collection, even with the mod I still recommend this, but without it, well the game is just too dialog driven to have it constantly switch between 16:9 conversations and whatever ratio you are using for interactive combat/in-game play.
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