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Posted: Oct 1, 2022 @ 6:22pm

Havent played since the start of the game's playtesting, but I'm extremely keen to see where this game will be in the next few months/upcoming year. I'm very glad that the developers have taken the players' feedback onboard, they have improved the game immensely.

The combat is exhilarating. 6 hour playtests almost seem short-lived with how enjoyable the gameplay is. The developers of BattleBit have been clever with how they incorporate combined arms combat into the gameplay, and how it has improved with each test. Each map requires different tactics and strategies, and each class has different roles depending on what the player wants. Individual and team/utility/support players all make a difference in the course of a battle.

Apart from not getting revived when people are walking past you, this game fits into its own unique style and category while not remaining as a fringe in the FPS scene, standing out from all other FPS games that I've played (even Battlefield!)

BattleBit can't be compared, it's in its own league.
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