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Cloud #DamnWhiteCoats 7 de ene. a las 10:59 
Trent...Trent Trent Trent...Trent Trent Trent... Trent Tren Toooooooooooonnnnn
Toille 3 de ene. a las 8:38 
─╔═╗─Copy & Paste this
╔╝─╚╗To 10 hot
─║─║─girls on your
✪Snake 29 dic. 2016 a las 15:57 
-rep cheats
ჯXDօlրհἶղXჯ 21 dic. 2016 a las 18:59 
shakes said he wont help u because u r stupid l0l0l0llllll
Dunkersplay 21 dic. 2016 a las 12:07 
Well, you see I was gonna add you to get you a cheaper server hoster (One I used for my server) but aside from that you seem pretty chill, probably just add ya to play other games together, or just add ya to befriend ^.^
Coon 20 jun. 2016 a las 18:34 
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