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Unlocked May 7 @ 5:57pm

Definitely Romance

Unlocked May 7 @ 6:20pm

A Special Kind of Romance

Unlocked May 9 @ 8:50pm

Not Like This

Unlocked May 9 @ 8:18pm

Unsurprising Outcome

Unlocked May 9 @ 8:50pm


Reach a depressing ending.
Unlocked May 10 @ 5:26pm


Reach an unhealthy ending.
Unlocked May 7 @ 8:29pm

The Right Path

Unlocked May 7 @ 8:23pm


Reach a positive ending.
Unlocked May 9 @ 8:04pm

True Ending

Reach the canon ending.
Unlocked May 16 @ 7:45pm


Unlock the entire gallery.