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Unlocked Mar 10 @ 7:05pm

Scared already?

Try to go back when night.
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 7:04pm

Red is the Color

Begin red path.
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 9:42pm

Blue is the Color

Begin blue path.
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 8:33pm

Crush for freedom!

Crush the rock.
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 8:15pm

Not the right time

See the closed bars.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 12:05pm


Touch the glass door.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 12:11pm


Jump down the cave.
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 9:25pm

Less rush more patience

Find the overwatchers.
Unlocked Mar 13 @ 6:26pm

Better try the other

Finish the blue path.
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 9:31pm

Faced your fears!

Finish the red path.