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Day 1

Clothes? Who needs em? Run naked through the woods with satchel, bow, and arrows. Really want backpack.

Day 3

Why am I always so thirsty? Munch much blackberries, new best friend. Still no backpack

Day 4

I built a shack, yay! And look, this game has guns, after all! Found orange backpack! Orange backpack not so great for camoflage, died. No more backpack.

Day 7

Well, my shack door got blown off, next time bigger shack, better door. Found Tan Military backpack spawn!

Day 9

OhgodBEAR OHGODBEAR... GODBEAR...HACKBEAR!!! Backpack....bear.... ='(

Day 14

This is the greatest base of all time! I have ALL THE BACKPACKS!!! Achievement unlocked: Backpack Quest

Day 15

Base raided, backpacks gone, life meaningless. Battle Royale only solution. Much backpacks here.

Day 20

New server, new wipe, no backpacks. Shack is fortified with punjis, others not so happy with this. Keep finding backpacks scattered among the punjis like sacrifices. Truck acquired.

Day 21

Spent all night beating a wrecked car into submission with a series of crowbars. Achievement Unlocked! Transform Car into Fortress Backpack. Truck exploded unexpectedly, lost a backpack. Found Jeep!

Day 22

Others have bases which probably contain backpacks. Can't let them have backpacks, they are for Fortress Backpack.
Commence Fertilizer Quest. Jeep exploded unexpectedly, lost a backpack. Found Truck!
Detained Individual. Individual did not have a backpack. Released individual unharmed.

Day 25

Others interfering in Fertilizer Quest. Can't let them have my backpack. Always carry shotgun now, always shoot first. Only ask backpack-related questions.

Day 35

Fertilizer Quest never ends. Too many bases, too many backpacks. Such smoking ruin. Others rebuild, and are destroyed anew, in a vicious cycle of Fertilizer and Backpacks. The blood of animals and survivors alike flows into a biofuel slurry, stuffed into trunks of cars along with endless piles of shotguns. What is this place? Who am I? Can I have your backpack?



Yeah there are some problems with hackers on the high pop servers. Report them enough, they get banned, then some pop back up with each steam sale. Considering the anti-cheat so far is entirely "manual" ie. requiring human intervention, I think Daybreak is doing ok in that regard. Wait-and-see is the smart approach, as anyone can see, since they are still iterating on the anti-cheat mechanisms. Anyone who has played any online game, ever, knows there is a constant arms race between developers and the people reverse-engineering their game to cheat at it. Don't like it? Don't play online games. Or, go back to your xbox. You'll also find that hackers don't usually bother with the low-population servers as much or at all. Which brings me to my next point:


I know people love their WoW servers to be the highest population possible, but all games are different. Complaining that "there's no loot" or "OMGhackers everywhere!" or "I just get killed at respawn" while continuing to play on a high pop server is like repeatedly smashing your head into a wall. Gameplay varies massively depending on the population and ruleset of a server. Can't get ahead on a high pop because you can't amass enough to build a proper base before getting raided? Well, you should probably move to a more secluded location or consider a gameplay option that favours your playstyle. Large groups may benefit more from the increased activity on hi-pop servers. If it's just you and your buddy, you are definitely more likely to have a good experience on the lower-population servers.


Player vs Player server? Get shot at.

Nobody needs a reason to kill you. Every reason is already present:

-you may have friends flanking
-you might have a weapon not visible
-you could be scouting to raid later
-you are probably interfering with the item spawns
-you have at least some things that can be used

If you're lucky, you'll get someone who roleplays while they shoot you in the face.

Last, Toxic ♥♥♥♥:

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