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:2016roasted:Please send me offers before you add me ! (In case you are here for trading ) :2016yeti:
:2016villain:Please read this summary !
''Talking to strangers online was the best decision I ever made...'' - Shawn Wasabi, 2015 :Hanggareksa:
:Bostanul:Welcome on my profile!
:rloctane:Feel at home !
:rlgizmo: I am currently trying to reach level 69 on steam xD i am such a pervert ;)
:2016weiner: Tell me if you want to update this summary probably i'll do that later :2016gameingame:
:rlbreakout:if you are here only for trading
just read the following aspects :csgoct:
Trading with me
:2016roasted: Always two guys . No other third man or middleman
:2016roasted: Never using paypal , skrill ,bank transfer etc. :spg2bomb:Only direct trading
:2016roasted: If you want to donate something just go down to my trade link
:2016roasted: I will never go first ! :steamfacepalm:
:2016roasted: If you want an item from me you'll have to overpay at least 1 euro and if i want ur item i will overpay as well
:2016roasted: Never try scamming me ! I'll block you ! :stop:
:2016roasted: My first knife was a falchion | stained mw :steammocking:
:2016roasted: sec one was a flip | scorched ft :steammocking:
:2016roasted: third one was a falchion urban masked mw :steammocking:
:csgox: more info about me is down :csgox:
:csgohelmet: Thanks for reading this ! :csgohelmet:
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Welcome to my profile !!!
About me ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
📂Documents ム 🎮
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└📁 Bad Songs
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Hello steam user ! I'm G0D'$ GiFT and welcome on my profile :steammocking: My real name is Teo and I am going to present you my rules
:csgox: I don't accept private profiles or inventory private profiles
:csgox: Speak only Romanian and English with me! No other language!
:csgox: Respect me and You will be respected otherwise You will get blocked :csgoskull:
:csgox: Don't add me for free stuff probably You will be removed and in a bad situation ,You will be blocked!
:csgox: Don't disturb me when I am playing csgo ,because you will be insta' blocked.:csgoskull:
:csgox: I know .Sometimes I am mean to people :steamfacepalm: ,but most of them doesn't get the message !
:csgox: any donation is accepted :tank:
:csgox: You can do it here :letsgo:
These are my secondary accounts :
Thank you for reading this !!! :health:
Ups, i forgot My Ranks !
Personally, I don't give a single fuck about my rank , but i try to let it as big as I can all the time when i play matchmaking . I don't care if you say I am a noob/lucker cuz You have a bad day meeting me :D .

║~Silver I ✖️
║~Silver II ✓ (deranking update :> )
║~Silver III ✓
║~Silver IV ✓
║~Silver Elite ✓
║~Silver Elite Master ✓ (first rank :P)
║~Gold Nova I ✓
║~Gold Nova II ✓
║~Gold Nova III ✓
║~Gold Nova Master ✓
║~Master Guardian I ✓ (here)
║~Master Guardian II ✖️
║~Master Guardian Elite ✖️
║~Distinguished Master Guardian✖️
║~Legendary Eagle ✖️
║~Legendary Eagle Master ✖️
║~Supreme Master First Class ✖️
║~The Global Elite ✖️
By the way I'm Master Guardian II on WINGMAN!!! :steamhappy:

So :ScoutTS: , if you read all of this you are awesome and you deserve this :2016weiner: .
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