Travis ☠
Nix Olympica   Serbia
President of space.

Achievements -- Mariner 9


| Noctis Labyrinthus
| Olympus Mons
| Valles Marineris
| Eos Chasma
| Tithonium
| Candor
| Chryse Planitia

Dead inside.

*Always in pursuit of that perfect fluidity, the essence of all that flows.
It may seem like just a small nuance to you, but there is reason
It happened because someone made it happen, it had drive
The finest movement, second nature or not it was real

✴ Focus on Inertia and control it ✴


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City Neon Light
Soak me in the city light,
let me be drenched in life
that could only be so vital
when fueled by a never-ending day.
Each bulb has a story,
of who walked beneath
and what transpired all those shining nights.
Let me add one more tale
to be written in neon light.

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