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Personal Achievements

True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms

Obtained all of the achievements in the game.

Flowers Amidst the Chaos

Unlocked all of the officers.

The Pinnacle of Might

Earned a total of 100,000 K.O.s.

Veteran Master

Raised an officer to the highest level.

Winged Equine

Raised a horse to the highest level.

Golden Palace

Earned a total of 90,000 gold.

Legend of Wei

Completed the story of Wei.

Legend of Wu

Completed the story of Wu.

Legend of Shu

Completed the story of Shu.

Legend of Jin

Completed the story of Jin.


Completed the stories of the kingdoms other than Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin.

Master of the Hunt

Earned a total of 5,000 Hunting Points.

A Gathering of Heroes

Unlocked 45 officers.

Extensive Knowledge

Unlocked all battle entries in the Encyclopedia.


Discovered 75% of the locations in the game.

One Warrior vs. a Thousand

Defeated 1,000 enemies in a single battle.


Defeated 1,000 enemies while mounted on a horse.

Sun Piercer

Defeated 1,000 enemies with bow attacks.

Sure Shot

Defeated 100 enemies with bow attacks.

Sword Brandisher

Defeated 100 enemies with assault attacks.

Storm and Stress

Achieved a 1,000 hit combo.


Defeated a powerful enemy.


Discovered 35% of the locations in the game.

Interior Decorator

Obtained 10 pieces of furniture.


Obtained 20 gems.

A Brush with Expertise

Obtained a High-class weapon.

Master of the Martial Arts

Obtained 30 weapons.

Nimble Fingers

Performed synthesis 100 times.

Sworn Friends

Formed a bond at the maximum level with another officer.


Obtained a hideaway.


Ate 100 meals.


Caught 30 items while fishing.

Steady Worker

Obtained 30 items by using box traps.


Discovered a scenic area.

Traces of a Hero

Completed a story.

End of an Era

Completed a key mission.

New Allies

Unlocked an officer.

Graduation Day

Completed the tutorial for one of the kingdoms.

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