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you left your diary in my house. and i read those pages, you really love me baby..

We are not alike.

tears are the blood of the heart, and so we bleed on the daily

A word of advice. Try not to have any regrets, some of the most beautfiul things can happen if you just try.

A music playlist for all you people to enjoy.

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Competitive Experience
UGC Season 10 Iron (Soldier for [BTM] 4-4)
UGC Season 11 Platinum (Pyro for Dead Ringer Storage 6-5)
UGC Season 13 Steel (Pyro/Engie for-kk- 3-5)
UGC Season 16 6v6 Steel (Scout for CWAFG) (3-5)
UGC Season 14 Iron (Pyro/Engie for GG) (6-2 #Playoffs)
UGC Season 15 Steel (Engie for GG 5/3)
UGC Season 15 Steel (Ringer Pyro for [BF] 2/6)
UGC Season 16 Steel (Pyro for .t9 5/3)
UGC Season 19 Steel (Pyro for PAH 5/3)
UGC 6v6 Season 20 Steel (Medic for EAH 0-6 LOL)
UGC 6v6 Season 21 Silver (Medic for wrd^ 9th place, cucked out of playoffs)
UGC 6v6 Season 18 Steel (Medic for Monstars 2/3, team disbanded)
UGC 4v4 Season 5 Steel (Scout for Clean up Crew 6-1. lost first round in playoffs :/)
UGC 4v4 Season 7 Silver (Scout for CUC 2-4)
Season 25 Steel (Med/Heavy for cb 3-5)
Season 26 Silver (Med for NBc)

goose whisperer : trash how u do that
Dziennik : gg
*DEAD* conficker : nextmap
*DEAD* conficker : o
*DEAD* A♂Nicer♂Person : trash stop being so trash
*DEAD* Dziennik : trash isnt trash confirm
Cynical_Mellow : TRASH = OP

Red Hot Chilli Pepper : gg
*DEAD* Yukon Cornelius : Too slow for Joe
ツ trash : im a tank
Yukon Cornelius : hes hacking for sure
Yukon Cornelius : lol

[SM] addion has been brought to you!
[T|THANOS] addion : look
Abbreviated : there we go
Sagas ⟴ : iim no pleb
Sagas ⟴ : i dont double pre
[T|THANOS] addion : i don't know if it's possible without double pre
NeedAndOnlineID connected from Iceland
(a few seconds later.. i do the jump without double pre)
Sagas ⟴ : ez
NeedAndOnlineID disconnected. Reason: Disconnect by user.
Sagas ⟴ : not possible my ass
[T|THANOS] addion : how does one demo
[Academy] Sync jumping is very timing-based. Use /syncr for help.
Abbreviated : I'm angry with how easy you made that look.
Abbreviated : fuck that.
Sagas ⟴ : vert is easy
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Another music playlist (slightly better) []


sometimes, I'm on land and everything is fine, then suddenly it's high tide and I'm caught in my emotions, but there's nothing much I can do but go through my emotions and feel things out.

people live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. that is how they define "reality". but what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? they are merely vague concepts... their "reality" may all be a mirage. can we consider them to be simply living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?"

in reference to my name, I've learned that, at least to me, life is a compilation of sagas. different stages, that make up how you live. not everything in your life stays the same. you go through different stages, certain things and people stay for a period of time. then, the cycle starts over, except with new people, new things, until eventually, there is no more cycle.

some funny chat log

[9:25 PM]
ofc you pick a moment when vegeta got the shit beat out of him
as your pfp
[9:26 PM]
[♥]Mr. Read:
i love vegeta my man
i think its really cool to see him angry
[9:26 PM]
it is
[9:26 PM]
[♥]Mr. Read:
look at that face
thats the face of a man who will literally shoot up your school with his eyes
[9:26 PM]
the school? more like the whole planet
[9:27 PM]
[♥]Mr. Read:
" think you can just take my lunch money...?"
"You're through, YOU'RE FINISHED.!"
[9:27 PM]
[9:28 PM]
[♥]Mr. Read:
bully proceeds to kaiokenx4
[9:28 PM]
[9:28 PM]
[♥]Mr. Read:
just some retarded bully
[9:29 PM]
*proceeds to kamehameha his ass to the floor, money flys in the air*
*he jumps up on the lunch table and gets it*
[9:29 PM]
[♥]Mr. Read:
"That's why i'm the top saiyan in this school, bitch."
and then King Vegeta proceeds to murder that saiyan's family
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In my short 300+ hours of this game, I have learned a lot about myself. Number 1, I need to calm down, and Number 2, I need to stop breaking my hand over a game. But seriously, this game is very fun, not including the insane amount of rage you get from trying to complete a level. However, once you do beat said level, it is one of the most rewarding things you could ever accomplish. I've played enough to know that I'm not very good, but that's the fun of the game! You get better the more you play, just like most other games. I've also met lots of neat freidns from this community, regardless of what anyone says about it being toxic. I reccommend this game to anyone with sharp reflexes and quick reaction times, or anyone who just wants a challenge :).
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I've compiled a comprehensive list of (as far as I'm aware) every keyboard character available. I've broken them up into categories to make finding them a bit easier. If you can't find the one you're looking for in a category, simply scroll down to the sec
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