*does default fortnite dance*
Terrible Cartoonist   Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hi. I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 (poorly) and Terraria. Gorillaz freak.

I change my name all the fucking time, so if you're on my friends list, just give me a nickname.

I'M NOT A FURRY. Stop asking.
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Ignis' Box of Retarded People and Things
From the moment I was born I knew I wasn't like the other Pootis Birbs. They couldn't weild a pan. They couldn't get a 13 Killstreak and 3 Dominations easily. All hail the Crit Pan.

On 1/6/18 my account got hijacked. The next day, on my birthday, I got it back. Fuck you, John Wick :)

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_38yQxvMHesFfYmS0hYIRQ


I like to collect Birb Heads.

-How old are you? - 14
-What's your sexuality? - I'm Asexual
-Where do you live? - UK bitch
-Why do keep saying you're Autistic? - Because I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at 5
-Why do you listen to Gorillaz and only Gorillaz? - Because they are the clearly superior band fuck you

I will not accept you as a friend if:
-You are trade banned.
-Your profile or inventory is private.
-You haven't left a comment of why you're adding me, and we do not have friends or groups in common.

Item to buy next: Idfk

Professional Killstreak list:
Strange Professional Killstreak Back Scatter (Violet, Hypno)
Professional Killstreak Night Owl Mk.II Winger (Emerald, Fire Horns, Fac. New)
Strange Professional Killstreak Atomizer (Hot Rod, Tornado)
Strange Professional Killstreak Rainblower (Violet, Singularity)
Strange Professional Killstreak Axtinguisher (Team Shine, Hypno)
Strange Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch (Violet, Incinerator)
Strange Professional Killstreak Killing Gloves of Boxing (Manndarin, Flames)
Professional Killstreak Dovetailed Amputator (Violet, Tornado, Fac. New)
Strange Professional Killstreak Shooting Star (Violet, Tornado)
Professional Killstreak Frying Pan (Team Shine, Discharge)


I bought the game on the 1st March, 2018. Beat Expert Moon Lord on the 19th. Got Dev items on the 26th.

The superior pet is obviously the Companion Cube. The Companion Cube is god. Bow down to it.

The Lunatic Cultist set is obviously the best Vanity set ever.

Anyway, now that I'm done bragging about stuff, have some retarded logs.

(:sentry: means me)

*DEAD* peter : ignis the fag lord
:sentry: Ignis the Bird Lord : :)))))))

ThickVeinySausage : why does engineer shoot hadoukens now?

david.gonzalez.2005 : shut up your mouth
*DEAD* pablo.minecraft.2007 : dont be mean
*DEAD* david.gonzalez.2005 : shut up whor
*DEAD* pablo.minecraft.2007 : bad

bloodySpoonery : Steamed hams sex rp

:sentry: Ignis the Bird Lord : SHOESHINE
:sentry: *DEAD* Ignis the Bird Lord : I died typing that
:sentry: *DEAD* Ignis the Bird Lord : worth

:sentry: *DEAD* Dark Souls II is a good game : brb taking part in a heated Minecraft RP

*DEAD* Snow Gaming : i was hammed
:sentry: despacito : steamed hams

:sentry: sans gaming : you

*DEAD* TacticalModz : now im ded
*DEAD* TacticalModz : great -_-

Der Führer Cocainum : sans undertale
Der Führer Cocainum : Is it you?
truck freak : sans from epic undertale ! 111!!
Der Führer Cocainum : I love you san
:sentry: *DEAD* sans gaming : sams undertal

Simba Just Hangs Himself!?! was automatically assigned to team RED
:sentry: THIS IS HOW YOU EAT A BIG MAC : Oh gee I never knew that's how The Lion King ended
Simba Just Hangs Himself!?! : Well, it is
:sentry: THIS IS HOW YOU EAT A BIG MAC : Disney what the fuck

WM1PAIRO!1!!1 has challenged you to a duel! Will you defend your honor?
:sentry: BIRTHDAY TODAY has agreed to duel with WM1PAIRO!1!!1!
:sentry: BIRTHDAY TODAY : Sure
*DEAD* WM1PAIRO!1!!1 : np
*DEAD* WM1PAIRO!1!!1 : prepare ur anus
WM1PAIRO!1!!1 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
:sentry: BIRTHDAY TODAY defeated WM1PAIRO!1!!1 in a duel because WM1PAIRO!1!!1 left the game.

srki.vujacic : i donjt heal scouts u are fast get some helt by ur self
Robert Small Jun 14 @ 8:10am 
Yep. He really is using a lot of time on this. I unfortunately blocked him too late, which lead to him having stalked and spammed 3 of my pals. One can almost feel sad for him
Eniga Jun 14 @ 8:05am 
Oh shit, really?? Stalking my friends too ?? fuckin hell the guy must have no life
*Agreement arrow*
Robert Small Jun 14 @ 7:54am 
Oh is it about the odd guy with the wario pic? I just checked if he was stalking anyone else.
I would recomend blocking him, as he tends to add your friends and stalk them as well. It is very bothersome and creepy, and he's not going to stop (even after months of doing so).
It may be a mental disorder or a lack of any social life.
It's really just best to block him before he makes a hobby of stalking and bothering you and your friends
Eniga Jun 13 @ 2:14pm 
Oh so it's about TF2... Haven't been playing that game for a while.. He seems to be obsessed with me for some reason
*does default fortnite dance* Jun 13 @ 12:58pm 
I don’t know but he’s just been pestering me for the past two months because he thinks he’s better than me at TF2 for some odd reason