Frank "The Tank" Johnson   Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
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DmFrenzy Good servers, Good community [dmfrenzy.com]
Twitch! [twitch.tv]
Website! [toxicr.net]
Teamspeak: ts.toxicr.net
ESEA [play.esea.net]

I own ToxicRevolution (ToxicR), started it over 9 years ago and have continued to grow it. We have a few servers that we host such as KZ and a 10 man server. We sometimes have different servers come up when we feel like setting them up. We do things and I am really too lazy to update this too often so yeah.. generic.
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System Specs:
•Asus ROG Maximus XI Code Motherboard
•Corsair Vengence 3200Mhz(32gb - 16x2 RGB)
•Asus ROG Strix 1080
•Asus ROG Ryujin AIO CPU cooler (240mm)
•NZXT H500i (black)
•Samsung Pro 512gb m.2
•2 Seagate 1tb HDD
•256gb Plexor SSD
•250gb Sandisk Extreme SSD
•250gb Samsung Evo

•Nighthawk x10 router (300/300 connection)
•Logitech g810 Keyboard
•Logitech g900 Wireless Mouse
•Frozen PC Tech Mouse Pad
•Logitech G933
•BenQ xl2720z 144hz 27in Monitor
4 Monitors, 2 27's and 2 24's square pattern


ASUS 15.6 FHD Touchscreen Gaming Laptop
i7/16gb ddr3/1tb HDD/2gb GTX 950M

Toshiba Satalite
i7/12gb ddr3/1tb HDD/2gb GTX 770M

HP Spectre x360 i7

•CS:GO Sens: 2.3 @ 400 (KZ 2.5 @ 500)
•Raw Input: Y
•Win Sens: 6
•Res: 1920/1440 4:3 Stretched
•Website: ToxicRevolution [toxicrevolution.net]
•Youtube: ToxicR Gaming
•Twitter: Toxicr_gaming
•Facebook: ToxicRevolution [www.facebook.com]
•Twitch: Toxicr_Gaming [twitch.tv]
•Source Bans: Source Bans [bans.toxicr.net]
•Paintball Pictures: Pictures [imgur.com]

I am a manager for the community DMFRENZY and try my best to keep the servers enjoyable and the community thriving. Feel free to add me if you need assistance with anything related to dmf.

Bio: I am currently 23 years old and I am employed as a developer for both front end and back end application development. I attend the University of Nebraska Lincoln as a Senior in Computer science. I have been playing CS:GO almost 5 years now and have got as high as LE and when I play MM I stay around MGE-LE. I have been running ToxicRevolution for just over 9 years as I thought it was more of just a small group of friends at first but we have progressed to owning servers and websites as well as working on developing some products for game controls. Another thing I really enjoy doing is playing paintball which I have done for quite a long time. I currently play for UNL as a back player but have played for multiple teams. I will add almost anyone if you give me a reason but I have been working on keeping a slightly more clean friends list as I was always filling up way to quick. If you wish to add me please comment on my profile what you want or how I know you and I will accept you. I don't trade or bet so unless you have a killer offer. Lastly, if I removed you on accident while cleaning my friend's list please leave a comment, I usually delete in bulk and sometimes I don't recognize your name and include you in the purge.


I only do trades VIA trade offers, lives trades are not welcome and I only trade item(s) for item(s) in a trade offer I can review on my own time.
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trolls - Ez LAG- 6 ч. назад 
hey i got banned 1 year ago cauise a guy thinks iam cheating can u unban me ?
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