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Unlocked Jul 11 @ 5:28pm

Run Like the Wind!

You have run your bot! Time to see how things turned out!
Unlocked Jul 11 @ 5:31pm

Burn Baby Burn

Looks like your bot had a little... accident. Hope it can recover!
Unlocked Jul 11 @ 5:04pm

Welcome to the Party

You've created an event triggered by a member joining. Be sure to welcome them!
Unlocked Jul 11 @ 4:39pm

Time to Win a Prize

You've inserted your bot token into the project. It's time to start this party!
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 9:45am

He is happy

He is happy you have been using Discord Bot Maker so much!

About Time!

It's ABOUT time you got this achievement ABOUT the ABOUT.

Welcome to the Team

You joined the Discord server! N O W W E A R E O N E S T E P C L O S E R T O O U R T R U E G O A L