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A disaster, isn't it?

Summon a disaster.
Unlocked May 1 @ 11:15am

The beginnings of a town

Reach 1,000 inhabitants in a city.
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 3:00pm

Come visit us, we've got landmarks, too!

Build a landmark in your city.
Unlocked Apr 29 @ 9:09am

Pay up

Charge people for using roads via tollbooths.
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 2:58pm

Borrowing money

Take a loan.
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 3:59pm

De-escalating the situation

Call in SWAT to stop a riot.
Unlocked May 1 @ 11:26am

Transport tycoon

Build a bus station and make a route.
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 4:03pm

Founding a city

Acquire a city in the online mode.
Unlocked Apr 29 @ 8:57am

Hello there, neighbor!

Visit a city in the online mode.
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 2:34pm


Earn a billion of Theons in a city.

Poof, it's gone!

Spend a million of Theons at once.

The perfect town

Reach 100% happiness in a city.

Is there a limit to this?

Reach the highest rank of a city.

It feels cramped in here

Reach 1 million inhabitants in a city.

Not great, not terrible

Make a nuclear reactor explode from fire.

The basics

Finish the tutorial.

We need to go further!

Reach another planet using DSA rocket.

Not stonks

Reach negative income and a debt of 1 million Theons.

If it isn't an egg

Find 10 eggs during Easter.


Get 10 demons floating above a pumpkin.

I like to live dangerously

Have a population of 100,000 inhabitants without providing any services.

Can we go bigger?

Create a giant map.


Upload a picture to the in-game gallery.

Customizing the experience

Download a plugin from the plugin store.

Ho ho ho

Build a Christmas tree and a Santa's house.

Terraforming the lands

Modify the terrain of your city.

Education for everyone

Provide education to everyone and have education happiness of 100%

The fury of pickles

Anger a pickle.

Risein 67

Build a bunker and a rocket launcher.

A place to relax

Build a mayor villa.

It's a celebration

Launch a firework.

I choose Bears

Build a 3x3 bear statue.

Greener grass

Establish neighborhood commercial.

Game inside a game

Play a game of life.

We're going underground

Build a metro or underground road.

IT is here!

Build a circus and a haunted house.

Saving the environment

Build a forester's lodge.


Plant 20 million trees during entire game, not session.

A worthy investment

Build an airport and earn more than 1k Theons a month from it.


Have too many houses without power.

Master of weather

Build a weather machine and change weather.

And then there was... a region

Create a region.

You're all invited!

Upload your region to the online mode.

Social, aren't we?

Click on one of the social links in the game menu.

Plugin addict

You really like plugins, don't you?


Use an undo button.

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