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For better or worse, a point-and-click horror game that you play from an isometric view is not something you see everyday, but Stasis makes this uncommon design choice work through the unsettling and hostile atmosphere it manages to convey. The isometric perspective makes it occasionally difficult to sparse out some objects and the finer details of the environments, but weirdly enough I think that ends up being a positive aspect here as it forces your brain to fill in more of the gruesome stuff by itself. The sound design is also excellent and creepy which is always important in a good horror game.

While the story strikes a lot well-worn tropes like the big "evil" corporation secretly pursuing illicit genetical experiments and the hubris of man playing god - I think it succeeds fairly well in keeping you engaged to the bitter end. I say "bitter end" because you know right from the start that absolutely nothing good can come out of the hopeless situation your main character finds himself in.

The voice acting of the main characters is fine, but you won't get a whole lot of story details filled in unless you spend some time reading the myriad of PDAs left around the ship by other crew members, which can be a bit boring in a game that's already very slow-paced to begin with.

Overall, I highly recommend Stasis if you want some really grim sci-fi horror presented in a somewhat unorthodox manner compared to the large number of first-person horror games out there with similar premises.

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