Thomas Cheyney   Leeds, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Being my friend has only one rule. Don't try and trade with me.

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68 год. загалом
востаннє зіграно 26 верес.
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востаннє зіграно 14 верес.
64 год. загалом
востаннє зіграно 14 верес.
Baloo 13 верес. 2018 о 13:56 
Excuse me sir, I am sorry to add you, but I have very important news regarding your future trading success. Please accept my friend request, so we may discuss these matters in private.
Reo 23 берез. 2017 о 8:48 
Blah1945 17 серп. 2016 о 22:12 
Suna 10 квіт. 2016 о 21:09 
did I say something? or the opposite :<
Keiron 27 берез. 2016 о 11:53 
This guy's pretty Tip Top
yusei 30 січ. 2016 о 6:03 
I tried before. Didn't work ;w; <3