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CoFounder of the Wolrd Famous Lost Chapters Squad and Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, a corporation that controls the trademarks and copyrights of Dianetics and Scientology also devoted follower of the 4 great kings Morriesy,Robert smith,Layne staley,Kurt cobain
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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme {Live Fast,Die}
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======================================================================= LEGENDARY QUOTE WALL THE Ⅶ
"Fuck Ron"
"Friends Don't Let Friends Get Friends Haircuts"
"Watch This I Did It For A Penny"
"Give That Man A Fish
"Raining All Sorts Of Fuckers"
"Do We All Learn Defeat From The Whores With Bad feet"
"Just Another Fucking Perfect African Sunset"
"My Style Is Impetuous, My Defense Is Impregnable, And I'm Just Ferocious. I Want Your Heart. I Want To Eat His Children. Praise Be To Allah"
"You Fucking Smoked The House"
"Me And My Sidekick Tree Fuck Jonson Here Is Going To Rip You A New But Hole"
"I Feel Like A Shadow"-Deivis Graveris
"Sucking On These Titties Like You Wanted It Calling It"-Peaches
"I think i'm cute.I know i'm sexy.I've got the looks"-Shawn Micheals
"My Hands Smell Like Rubber Gloves"-Catman
"My Dick Bigger Than A Bridge, Your Dick Look Like A Little Kids"
"This Reminds Me Of Someone I Know"-Robz "Who The Mirror"-K.Tootingbarbs []
"When I Eat Chilli My Balls Hurt"-Jewkes Master Genral
"Ill Give You A Break From These Bars....Kit Kat"-Black President
"Relax My Brada ...Gorbanasi Gorbanasi All bad Sprites go away"-Baba Yellow Nigga
"Hey Guys Wanna Play Unturned"-Kal Smit Response-CatMan Evi Weeb Cunt []
"Boring Through Your Mind, Through Your Tummy, Through Your Anus, Eels!"The Cokney Geeza
"I Would Show You My Tears And Blood But I Dont Have My Turban On Atm"Zesty aka Turbanator
Ahh Alright Then We Was Looking Forward To Playing With Tactical Swagger King Catman-Robie Motz The Second Son Of Zesty
"I Bet That Would Cut Though A Cucumber"-The Lisping Poet
"Mate All These Chickens Have There Easter Heads on"-Smit
" Dis Drink Taste Better Than A Bitch"- Whiteboy3thstreet
"WHERE THE BULLET GO ?????" Davey wavey
"Ass fuckin, butt sucking, cunt lickin, masturbation"-GG the rock and roll Terrorist
"Hard Case Aint it...." Detective Kul Smit
"I im the Queen of the Rodeo"-The Man in the Box
"Whats this paddy saying"- Andy
"Toe = Gravity" Professor Sock
"Tiger style"-WU-TANG
"I'm Ol Greg mother Licker" Cockney Geezer
"Is that Noel Gallagher ?" []
"Ive never wanked to a hand"-1050 ti
"i wish there was cheese and potato crisps"-Tayto
" Is she a bad bitch or dose she got spina bifida" Dr phill me in
" your not going to win the fight your not even English ? ...." Cheese Master
"I found an island in your arms , Country in your eyes" The lizard King
" Get out my way you Sluttttt... and you" lord -Catman of the Zs"
"I think our kid will have blonde eyes and green hair" Dr Fook Off
"i dont cus i like the taste of just cock"- One Tired Boy
" Aye your like canelo but with jobs" -Kal quote Master
" Hello you Stinky Cat"
'Typical British Banter'
'Frozen init thats why its called iceland'

Bite It You Scum
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