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Personal Achievements


Kill 500 enemies as a Fighter
0 / 500


Kill 500 enemies as a Fire Lord
0 / 500

Cold Shoulder

Kill 500 enemies as an Ice Wizard
0 / 500

Stab in the Dark

Kill 500 enemies as a Black Rogue
0 / 500

Well Dressed

Equip an item in every slot

So Shiny...

Find and equip a Legendary item

Pack Rat

Fill your inventory

Ultimate Pack Rat

Upgrade your inventory to 30 slots and completely fill it

Save that for later

Deposit an item in your Stash

A Higher Power

Offer 50 pieces of loot to the Gods
0 / 50

Nailed It

Complete your first adventure


Complete your first campaign

Well Travelled

Complete 50 adventures
0 / 50

Master Traveller

Complete 500 adventures
0 / 500

Safety in Numbers

Complete an adventure online with 3 other players

Couch Buds

Complete an adventure in split-screen

Sharpest Adventurer Around

Kill 300 enemies with Swords
0 / 300

Hammer Time!

Kill 300 enemies with Hammers
0 / 300

Keeping your Distance

Kill 300 enemies with Spears
0 / 300


Kill 300 enemies with Daggers
0 / 300

Wizard Wars

Kill 300 enemies with Staffs
0 / 300

Axing for Trouble

Kill 300 enemies with Axes
0 / 300


Kill 300 enemies with Hatchets
0 / 300

Ninja for Hire

Kill 300 enemies with Shurikens
0 / 300

Double the Fun

Kill 300 enemies with Short Swords
0 / 300


Kill 300 enemies with Crystals
0 / 300

Playing Favourites

Kill 300 enemies with a single weapon

Gift of the Gab

Talk to 200 NPCs
0 / 200

All Cashed Up

Collect 2,000 gold
0 / 2,000

Number Cruncher

Spend 30 stat points on a single character

Apprentice Fighter

Unlock the second Fighter ability

Experienced Fighter

Unlock the third Fighter ability

Master Fighter

Unlock the fourth Fighter ability

Apprentice Fire Lord

Unlock the second Fire Lord ability

Experienced Fire Lord

Unlock the third Fire Lord ability

Master Fire Lord

Unlock the fourth Fire Lord ability

Apprentice Ice Wizard

Unlock the second Ice Wizard ability

Experienced Ice Wizard

Unlock the third Ice Wizard ability

Master Ice Wizard

Unlock the fourth Ice Wizard ability

Apprentice Black Rogue

Unlock the second Black Rogue ability

Experienced Black Rogue

Unlock the third Black Rogue ability

Master Black Rogue

Unlock the fourth Black Rogue ability

Novice Adventurer

Reach Level 10 with a character

Practised Adventurer

Reach Level 20 with a character

Persistent Adventurer

Reach Level 30 with a character

Seasoned Adventurer

Reach Level 40 with a character

Experienced Adventurer

Reach Level 50 with a character

Legendary Adventurer

Reach Level 60 with a character

The First of Many

Complete your first dragon encounter

Half Way There

Do 500,000 damage to the dragon

Positive and Negative

Receive your first Dragon Ring

Dragon Slayer

Killed the Dragon


Fire a trap via an event in the ACK

Basically Shakespeare

Add 3 stages of dialogue to an NPC in the ACK

Test Dummy

Playtest an adventure from start to finish in the ACK


Spawn an enemy via an event in the ACK


Complete an adventure without dying


Kill 300 enemies with Crossbows
0 / 300


Kill 50 enemies with Tomes
0 / 50


Kill 300 enemies with Wands
0 / 300