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                                    :demoticon: TF2: How to deal with campers #2 [FUN/F2P] by siN :demoticon:

Hello there! :lovermu:
Just a nice and ordinary guy who just likes to have fun. That is all. :csd2smile:

I seldom chat/speak online and in-game. Sorry about that.

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How not to deal with campers
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Dust PCG - Bomb-Defuse

Made in 2005 by Dust and Dust2's original maker, Dave Johnston. Released as part of the PC Gamer UK Magazine 149 alongside 2 map-making tutorials. I asked for his permission to convert it to CS:GO and to release it on the workshop.
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Atlaimond Mar 24 @ 10:07am 
horheristo Jan 2 @ 7:42pm 
You have some great accomplishments friend. If you wish to be at the company of others like you, then I'd like to invite you to our group:

If you're interested, feel free to invite me.
Bluvio Dec 31, 2017 @ 5:32pm 
HAPPY NEW YEAR why dont we also get along this 2018?!
ViperNest Sep 9, 2017 @ 5:36am 
Hey there. Your profile is amazing, I absolutely adore it. Also, you seem like a really friendly person. Would be glad if you accepted my invite Hope you're having a good day!

Hi, can I add you
I added you because I'm Very friendly and Nice person
It seem that you are Very friendly and Nice person too
I like your Screenshots, its really awesome
I like your Artworks, its really Awesome

I really get shy when I add someone. We can play sometimes, I add you as a friend, maybe we can trade sometimes. Im a Nice and Friendly Person, I didnt harm people, message me if you accept my friend request or comment in my profile

I really want you to be my friend and I always wanted to be your friend. I hope you'll be happy

Thats All
Reinert K. Apr 21, 2017 @ 3:20am 
Please to meet you too, I wish ya have a great friday and weekend.
liveaction29 Apr 20, 2017 @ 10:28pm 

Have a great weekend!