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Personal Achievements

Exorcism I

Eliminate 3 Elites
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 1:36am

Master of the arcane

Reach 50 Magic Power
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 7:29am

Slayer I

Eliminate a total of 500 enemies
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 7:25pm

Slayer II

Eliminate a total of 2500 enemies
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:21pm

Slayer III

Eliminate a total of 15000 enemies
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 7:49am

First step

Win a Run in difficulty 1
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:48pm

Ascent. Againt

Win a Run in difficulty 2
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 8:35am

Concerto of Arms

Equip 12 weapons of the same kind at once
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 3:42am


Reach floor 16
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:27pm

Bulging Backpack

Have inventory size of 80
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 2:00am

The Ranger

Win a run using the aspect Ranger of The Hunter
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 10:42pm

The Assassin

Win a run using the aspect Assassin of The Raven
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 8:35am

The Spellblade

Win a run using the aspect Spellblade of The Wizard
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 12:22am

Barrel Basher

Break 100 Barrels
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 12:53am

Unstoppable Rampage

Deal 300000 melee damage in a single run
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 9:01pm


Have 30 items in inventory
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 6:37am

The Bolt's Mastery

Deal a total of 500000 damage with ranged weapon
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 4:59am

Eagle Eyes

Reach 50 Range
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 12:34am

Deadly Dance

Reach 65% Crit Chance
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 6:18am

Frenzied Flourish

Reach 85% attack speed
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 6:27am


Defeat Zhor, the Overlord at Difficulty 2
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 8:35am

I'm a healer, but

Kill 1000 enemies with Blessed Mace as the Priestess
Unlocked Sep 21 @ 4:12am

The Ascent

Defeat first boss
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 2:01am


Receive 1000 damage in 1 run
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 10:44am

Voodoo and hoodoo

Inflict Status Effect 1000 times in 1 run
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:06pm

Things I didn't even try

Kills 5000 enemies with Status Effects
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 5:35am


Reach 25 vitality and 25 Magic Power
Unlocked Sep 18 @ 10:41am

Last Stretch

Win a Run in difficulty 3
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 11:15pm

Generational Wealth

Have 3000 Unspent gold
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 1:58am

Bootstrap came off

Enter a floor with less than 10 gold 10 times
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 8:50am


Win a Run in difficulty 4
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 7:35am

Fun and Game

Win a Run in difficulty 5
Unlocked Sep 21 @ 8:41pm


Have 20 items as the Thief
Unlocked Sep 24 @ 12:34am

Fire and Arms

Reach 25 Projectile Power and 25 Melee Power as the Ranger
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 10:25pm

Stick em with the pointy end

Win a run as the Blade Master with only Blades
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 3:39am

Royal priviledge

Lifeleech 1000 times
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 7:23am

Starting Fund

Die for the first time
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 7:34pm


Eliminate 50 elite enemies
Unlocked Sep 17 @ 1:47am

Glacial Advanced

Defeat 50 floors without dashing
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:21pm

More Powder!

Breaks 60 barrels
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:38pm

It won't run out

Reach 50 Lucks
Unlocked Sep 22 @ 2:45am


Kill 5 enemies with one ranged weapon shot
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:06pm


Defeat 1 Succubus ELITE
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 8:06pm


Win a run with only daggers
Unlocked Sep 19 @ 8:35am

Pain is power

Win a run with 0 or less Armor
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 2:01am

Much to learn

Defeat 5 floor without leveling up

The Grand Arsenal

Equip 10 different weapons

The Weapon Master

Win a run using the aspect Weapon Master of The Knight


Reach 60 Dodge


Have 60% Lifeleech

I'll be back

Heal 100HP in one floor

Eternal Student

Level up 5 times in one floor

Divine Protection

Clear a floor without taking damage 50 times

Less is More

Win a run with 6 or less weapons


Reach 60 armor


Reach -50 Speed

Healthy Diet

Reach 60 Vitality

Knight Speed

Reach 50 Move Speed


Clear a floor without moving

Bountiful Harvest

Have at least 6 Crimson Scythes

All foes must die

Kills 10 Elites in 1 run as the Assassin

Master at Arm

Have 3 different set bonuses maxed as the Weapon Master

Sword and Sorcery

Reach 25 Magic Power and 25 Melee Power as the Eldritch Knight


Reach 3 Pierces as the Sharpshooter

Moon in the pool

Dodge 100 times as the Scout

Sorcery and Sword

Have 5 Melee and 5 Enchanted weapons as the SpellBlade

Late Night Crunch

Level up 20 times in 1 run as the Adept


Overheal 200 times as the Soul Drinker


Have an inventory of 80 as the Scholar

Thrill of the fight

Defeat 10 floor with less than 50% HP as the Berserker


Do not buy weapons for 5 floor as the Singularist

Can't be bargained

Reach 100 Armor as the Golem

Fresh Meat

Reach 100 Vit as the Butcher

Stand Firm

Kill 1000 enemies while not moving as the Sentinel

Harvest Season

Reach 100 Range as the Fieldkeeper


Inflict Fire, Shock, and Slow be inflicted at the same time on the First Boss as the Shaman

Power Manifest

Reach 25 vitality and 25 Magic Power


Spend 3000 gold in 1 floor as the Merchant


Buy 10 items in 1 floor as the Beggar


Win a run with 0 or less Recovery

Spoils of Conquest

Win a run with only tier 4 weapons

Kingly Luxury

Reach 50 Resource gain as the King

Two more

Have 3 Tier 4 Flails

Secret of swords

Win a run with all Knight aspects

Blade in the dark

Win a run with all Rouge aspects

Prometheus' secret

Win a run with all Wizard aspects

Divine Providence

Win a run with all Priestess aspects

Built to last

Win a run with all Juggernaut aspects

Old friend

Win a run with all Lancer aspects

Rod of Lordly Might

Win a run with only staves


Win a run with 0 or less Lifesteal

Divine Intervention

Block 1000 damage with shield as the Crusader


Take no damage for 5 consecutive floors as the Inquisitor