Victoria, Australia

A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 #2 Open - IT WAS A SCANDAL !!
A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 #1 Prem - IT WAS A SCANDAL !!
OZF Season 23 Prem - roleplayers III
OZF Season 22 Open - hentaihaven hunters - 1st
OZF Season 21 Inter - roleplayers v2 - 2nd
OZF Season 20 Open - Mario party 6s
OZF Season 16 Inter - Sunday Roast
OZF Season 15 Open - Quantum Labs
Summer Cup 2016 - Male Cougars - 3rd seed (what)
OWL Season 14 div 3 - Role Players
OWL Season 13 div 5 - Playing Aggressive - 1st
OWL Season 12 div 5 - Party Team - 4th
Summer Cup 2 - The Local Yobs - 2nd

UGC Season 18 - Steel - Maccas Lan party
UGC Season 17 - Plat - Pancake Crus. - 1st
UGC Season 16 - Steel - PlanB
UGC Season 15 - Steel - Seven!

UGC Season 20 - Plat - Sanctum highlander
UGC Season 19 - Stuck in the closet
UGC Season 18 - Plat - Team Arena Death Clan
UGC Season 17 - Plat - Dec. Monkeys
UGC Season 14 - Steel - TY Sceltal
UGC Season 13 - Steel - Sloth Society

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fyen: i ain't no comedy act fool

feyn: ik
feyn: what did you do
feyn: you made me miss english and maths ty
feyn: kappa

feyn: wtf are these logs should ask me to merc next time
feyn: ur game against xeno you had 5??

"well then maybe you're worse than a bot idk" feyn

"we gotta learn how to fit into little kids" scandal
"is it illegal to fuck with little kids" scandal

"open is so fucking autistic boen!" feyn
"dick in my asshole, I do turn gay when I'm drunk" feyn

"my dream was about how high my iq is" scandal

"omg you are so weak you are four, that is so unfortunate my friend" feyn

"it makes me scared that that swear jar money is going to be used to let boen actually go into restaurants" feyn

"have you ever stuck ur finger into ur butt... oh i had a dream where like oh wait nevermind, it felt like someone was fingering my ass like really hard but then i woke up and nothing was there" Halion

"open is for faggots" Halion

"im reaching like hertz level shittalk right now" Halion

scandalous!!!!!!!!: will hopefully have my boens less dumb next time, I'll modify my finance switch / maths-cancelling movement scripts tomorrow to be centered around LOG10 instead of LN until I've fixed my LN key

"except the time you didnt show up at my fucking soccer game, you bitch!" feyn
"[REDACTED] needs to stop playing mge and start getting good at roamer" feyn
"i guess boen is probably qualified to move up to open demo from ugc 6s plat first place" feyn

feyn in 4k: no ur a fukwit
feyn in 4k: fuck up idiot before i shoot you
cruffafufufu: troubleshooting?
feyn in 4k: i will shoot you cos you are trouble
feyn in 4k: :^)

Malice lf wed 8: can i bet on sacred on the saloon?
Malice lf wed 8: tempted to comment telling people to bet on sacred

scandalous!!!!!!!!: help they started alredy and im dling map

♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: hey boo boo ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)
♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ

Halion - gasp* "time to fuck some kids"

alias: 'I've not seen a preowl team without boen on it' -emgee
alias: good memes

"im a lover of faggots now, not all faggots, some of them are probably dickheads too but hey im a lover of the people man but if you're a dickhead you ain't a person to me you know what i'm saying?" - zacky david

"you were playing like a bitch, so i had to play like a bitch" - zacky david

"stop being a little bitch boen" - zacky david

feyn "good night boo boo"

♥ Bec the Bitch ♥ (Score:20) defeats rift (Score:19) in duel to 20 on Process Middle*

mitch: You shouldn't be In mumble
mitch: You should be Mge
mitch: I'll slap you

♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: hi i'm weebecca
♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: i'm going to educate you
♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: on sex with catgirls
♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: i am a catwomanizer

♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: :)
♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: dont be scared booboo

♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: i don't remember his dick though

sigma "God dammit i thought you were that gay black guy"

Chev moved to Auschwitz by Hitler.

scandalous: ur mum is immune and that's why she got autism!!

scandalous LFS sun 8: idk... what do you think..?
scandalous LFS sun 8: cos whatever you think is wrong

scandal "can i torrent utorrent"
flyingbuddy : mal is mad with u coz ur l8 how dare u m8erino y u l8erino

sigma: well im banned now
cruffa: ur not banned
cruffa: come back
sigma: no ur banned
sigma: banning u from my life

pls give a cube of ice: teach me chemistry
Halion: i do physics
Halion: the real science
Halion: go back to mixing your cordial nerd

mitch "8:02 and im the third one in mumble??"

scandalous lfs tues 8/9 : u people dont have 1st place UGC PLATINUIM 6S like the ultimate legendary gamer boen
yerba : how can u base anything off of a scrim we rolled?
Tank Drop : I love boen tho
scandalous lfs tues 8/9 : yes he is a god
scandalous lfs tues 8/9 : he is 1st place ugc platinum 6s

proxaye "malice takes advantage of our good nature"

fyen: i ain't no comedy act fool

Halion: malice is a pub med

Halion "my weab phase"

"im actually a porn star"
Bec "im worried people who dont know me will actually believe my quotes"

scandalous lfs tues 8/9 : boen ur my favourite cloud

"do you like blowing" scandoooo
"yeah i do" bec

"find me more people for my harem, ok bye" bec

♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: dude i couldn't even get to half way

bec "i'll be happy to take his rage, he can hate-fuck me or something"

baron: mumble :'c
flxx: ?
flxx: i go in
flxx: first thing i hear is bec moaning

"im not ur dude! I'm your mother... understand!?" uzimum

"please, you're not mario, boen..." malice

-=TSON=- : i love you son
-=SCANDAL=- : yes

"you're speaking in another language!" prox

buin: 6s
nesulp: let's pass time
buin: lets pass time
buin: by doing pugs
nesulp: of pass time

i'm like, a baby prostitute" - bec2015
"senpai! these are my intestines" - bec
scandalous #saveboen2015: if u wont put it in ur own mouth, im gonna put ur nummy stick in my mouth

♥ Bec the Bitch ♥: you two r cute, go bang

scandalous #saveboen2015: we could probably make sigma watch pico with us..


"i like incest" -ohai 2015
"quote me scandal" -ohai 2015
"we've come to fetch our dog, for dinner" -ohai 2015
"...boen...Because he's a good person"- ohai's biggest lie 2015
"are you gonna keep me awake tonight again" -ohai 2015
"toilet training 101" -ohai 2015
"to your own daughter" -ohai 2015
"Let's talk about the penetration tactics used" -ohai 2015
"that hat she's wearing is probably her past dog's face" -ohai 2015
"stick your foot in me daddy" -ohai 2015
"oh yeah that big toe" -ohai 2015
"if they're japanese, why aren't they eating dog? just put the dog in the bowl. she loves the dog" -ohai 2015

scandalous #saveboen2015: boen u better not drug me
scandalous #saveboen2015: at lan
Doegegeegg #saveboen2k15: boen going to drug everyone

scandalous #saveboen2015: "if they're japanese, why aren't they eating dog? just put the dog in the bowl. she loves the dog" -ohai 2015

Doegegeegg #saveboen2k15: DID YOU TAKE IT INSIDE - SCANDAL 2015

scandalous lost stars :'(: boen is not poor!!
scandalous lost stars :'(: don't make fun of him for his financial disadvantage :(

scandalous lost stars :'(: this might not be what boen wants
scandalous lost stars :'(: but it is what boen needs
scandalous lost stars :'(: #saveboen2015
ohai: Boen does not need this!

ohai: Boen
ohai: By the end of this
ohai: You will have the incline to fondle little children
ohai: Is that what you really want??

scandalous lost stars :'(: daily lives of highschool boys
scandalous lost stars :'(: definitely not hentai
"you guys closer than my real friends" jay
proxie: im a pregnant bitch
proxie: i dont have a dick
proxie: im hard as fuck stop laughing, i'll fuck you up

proxie: not coming up? if anything its not going up
proxie: hentai is in my bookmarks
proxie: high school dxd is 10/10

proxie: u need essentials?
proxie: another month of crunchy roll??
proxie: u aint got needs u a nigger

bully: tell proxie to go watch some torture porn

klebs: bison 2gud
klebs: penetration is amazing

prox: hentai moans as my hitsounds
prox: let me turn off this porn

Boen: I'll get the "sunshine gang" on you
Halion: I'll get the kkk on you

Halion - Yeah, thanks slam, first good medic
Malice - Kind of like walking a retarded dog really
proxaye - Boen took 50, wait no nvm just their demo
Malice - Are you cutting me for slamm you roleplaying spastic?

Malice: fuck you
Malice: swear if you cut me
Malice: ill fuck a duck
Malice: WOW

Halion: malice is a pub med

halion "what happened in the game"
cursive "fondles was cheating again!"

Malice: sleep tight
Malice: dont let the dank memes bite
bawn : :c
bawn : im scared of dank maymays now
Malice: go ask proxy to read you a bed time meme

proxaye "girls are so bad at gamesense"

Malice: wow did you install a triggerbot boen cuz im feeling a little triggered

Malice lf scrims: have you been naughty boen?

emgee: "Boen is now playing with little boys" just came up as a notification

proxie has changed their name to proxie lft 6s.

10:42 PM - scandalous: y boen kick
10:45 PM - scandalous: capsy!!
10:49 PM - |くayアsea: he bait 2 much or something

malice please

oxy: big man boen, aliasing in officials so much he couldnt get stats

"ugh i fucking hate faggots dude" -feyn 2016
"i hate it when people think that when I say faggot i straight up mean gay people" feyn
"I used to have this set as my alarm when i had an iphone and now everytime i hear it i get ptsd reminding me of waking up in the morning"

pls: sure you dont want life insurance?
pls: just in case you drop uber
Malice: the insurance company can give me another
Malice: wait isn't that just the vita saw?
pls: lmfao please

bec "my horse's nickname is n3rax,
accidentally. and i would ride them both"

M 3 M 3 B 0 1 Z: did it go down like: sssscandal kun,
come to the kitchen to make me some toast,
and please put the butter on nice and slow ;)

scandalous #saveboen2015: boen can i borrow ur sister's skirts

scandal: [12:42:28 AM] You were moved to interogation table by Pinecones.
[12:42:53 AM] You were moved to LIGHT SWINGING ABOVE SEAT by Daria.
scandal: ok i got shot
scandal: You were kicked from the server by Pinecones: shoot shoot blaowh.

prox: what kind of porn do i want..?

scandalous #saveboen2015: kyaaa kawaii desu~~~
scandalous #saveboen2015: so kawaii
scandalous #saveboen2015: kyaaaaaaaa~~

boen: chick said i look homeless: oh
boen: chick said i look homeless: or that..
boen: chick said i look homeless: ye
boen: chick said i look homeless: ....
boen: chick said i look homeless is now Offline.

DEREK BUM: i have to do a 12 day induction
boen: induction
boen: its an abduction
DEREK BUM: your an adoption
DEREK BUM: +abortion

proxaye " Halion's mom is a post game booty call "

" scandal is STILL bad ? " Halion
" scandal sounds like a DEMON " Halion

Seth Cohen: scandal kicked me
Seth Cohen: from my own server
Seth Cohen: because i said
Seth Cohen: rofl in rcon
Seth Cohen: 10:23 PM - scandalous: ppl thought i laugheed

scandal #bday!!!: i failed my first date ;~;
bawn: lmfao
bawn: what is this
bawn: real life sim?

Halion: too busy respawning

Halion: “just because it’s popular and mainstream doesn’t make it shit or for plebs you fag”
Halion: "if you're ever in doubt, think about which one has the hotter bitches"
Halion: i watch Irregular Magic Highschool
Halion: incest and fairies....

Halion: my mate showed me sword art online and attack on titan, anything similar or better?

Dramz " I just popped off of a timed out demo?? "

"well no, you should cut yourself" - pro emo activist scandal - cutterino x_x

boen: Comrades already lost
hertz ist rusty: Nice meme
boen: Soz bby
boen: I'll buy you a kebab next respawn
hertz ist rusty: You better.

Halion: fuckin organise it u pleb D:<by

multi lfp for owl15: ITS NOT LIKE FRENCH FRIES BRO
multi lfp for owl15: ITS REVOLUTINARY

Dr. Awesome: Slamm is so mean he says im only 2nd best heavy in aus

jay: dap it on your face and jack off

scandalous: 'for special people' but real
scandalous: boen ur a bit wibbly wobbly

ƊяαgσηƁσяη: bit salty they claim to be fucking div 4, yet they have all played plat

Vorve: ty for the tutoring session

cwpy: but you're better than a tutor :c

boen lfhlt: is this wat its like to assault people through a computer screen? o.O
911 excess memes: i think so
911 excess memes: need to file a report

proxaye: boen, whats your main
boen: hmm... scout..?
proxaye: you main fried chicken and bitches

cruff.mercme lfhlt: did a sneaky medi pick up fake
cruff.mercme lfhlt: new meta dude
bitch dont take my pack: lmao
bitch dont take my pack: yeah i noticed

malice: pocketing boen is like walking a retarded dog

proxaye: you stole my aim like my nan's bike

boen lf scrims: Wtf is an internet connection
boen lf scrims: How do i steal one
her: you have to buy one
her: its not possible
her: to steal
her: cmon
boen lf scrims: How else do i get one

elt #ontablet: i call for pocket mentor
elt #ontablet: i am from south africa
elt #ontablet: i speak your language sir
bawn: okay!
elt #ontablet: i teach you how to use pockets
elt #ontablet: i specialise in jeans
bawn: i dont have hands

bawn: im done for tonite
scandalpaca: :c
bawn: :c
scandalpaca: nu
scandalpaca: stay boen
scandalpaca: stayy
scandalpaca: sit dog pls

sleepyscandal: halion was innocent young boy
sleepyscandal: u turned him into angry teen gamer
sleepyscandal: :(
sleepyscandal: why boen
sleepyscandal: :(
sleepyscandal: halion was ruined by u
sleepyscandal: now his loved ones will see someone else
sleepyscandal: when they look into his eyes

cjet: boen on kills is like
cjet: boen the cherry picker

"why do you get all these good players when you can't even play your self..."

|くayアsea: he bait 2 much or something

boen: Feign
.pq. feyn: actually

proxie: how can porn be gay

mixed "ive only gotten stabbed once"

sigma aids?: this is a booty call
dfault: ofc it is
sigma aids?: lets fk at krispy kreme
dfault: yes
dfault: why blaze it when u can glaze it

bec "ive slept with a dog before"
bec "ive slept in a lot of weird places"
bec "i'll do whatever"
bec "i just put it in my mouth, its like a reaction"
bec "there are dudes everywhere and in every hole"
bec "i get so wet when i play games"
bec "i'll fucking rape you"
bec "Oh fuck me daddy"
bec "i love fucking big black things"
bec "fuck i'm so sweaty"
bec "im very very wet boen!"
bec "i'll wipe my sweat all over you"

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