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Shaaden : Im mid because I can beat casual teams

Hoxy : You are very nigger terrorist

21.05 - -TK_: can you say bluee to mix his mix
21.05 - -TK_: annoying af
21.06 - CoppyZ: mix his mic
21.06 - CoppyZ: xd
21.06 - -TK_: fix* xD
21.06 - -TK_: mic*
21.06 - -TK_: jeez

15:41 - ѕнααden: I hate you and tk4em
15:41 - ѕнααden: ur both fucking nolife assholes

15:42 - ѕнααden: fag
15:42 - ѕнααden is now Offline.

*DEAD* aka.Pecklesteiner : -_-
(Voice) -TK_: Thanks!
*DEAD* aka.Pecklesteiner : stop going for those
*DEAD* Greemu : btich hass
(Voice) -TK_: Yes
aka.Pecklesteiner : array seven

*DEAD* ??? : your aim doesnt even belong to mid
http://logs.tf/2055087#76561198310508208 high salt

Pepis - tänään klo 18.50
Sanoin kuulemma jollekin tsunamikeräysjäbälle umpijurrissa, että olisivat opetetelleet uimaan niin säkin pääsisit oikeisiin töihin. Vähän nolotti aamulla..

*DEAD* yuntrip : Tk on sniper doesnt even make sens but ok.

*DEAD* FERRETMASTER # 15 fps ! : I got killed by a 4v4 loser
-> the hard carry from ferret http://logs.tf/2055656#76561198058804302

23.51 - Killua Zoldyck: can you eat like a liter of penis
23.53 - Killua Zoldyck: 2 liters

00:04:29 TF2Center: Lobby open; leader: lenny
00:09:33 Love.: oh no again you two :O
00:09:34 Love.: :D
00:09:50 lenny: :D

J O S H - tänään klo 15.37
I just ate a galaxy right
and I choked on it
and I sneezed
and chocolate came out my nose
what the fuck man

23.57 - Jᴏsʜ :3: now
23.57 - Jᴏsʜ :3: the plan
23.57 - Jᴏsʜ :3: is to steal all the girl gamers
23.57 - Jᴏsʜ :3: so no one can get them

15.44 - Black jesus: +my soldier is hella on point
15.45 - Black jesus: 380 dpm in 7minutes
15.45 - Black jesus: YOU GOT 381
15.45 - Black jesus: YOU CUNT!
15.45 - Black jesus: xD
15.45 - -TK_: :P

Scout - Marvonon - Yesterday at 16:49
@everyone @Anti Gravity I hope you have a wonderful life, but I hope we may never meet again. You're now officially off the team.

smash ( Black Jesus ) - today at 22.44
Patrick.:i love your fat dirty cock

[Warrior] oscar.roblox.2003 : whats ur main?
[Warrior] oscar.roblox.2003 : Whats ur main?
[Warrior] oscar.roblox.2003 : whats ur main????????????????????????????
[Warrior] oscar.roblox.2003 : Whats ur main???
br3jni : medic
Join an arena, type !add
For a list of commands, type !mgehelp
br3jni (Score:10) defeats oscar.roblox.2003 (Score:8) in a duel on Badlands spire
[Warrior] oscar.roblox.2003 : !remove

matej : Just now

19.41 - Sir Firetrap: Your dicks are hot
19.41 - Sir Firetrap: I don't know why hes shoveing them away
19.42 - Sir Firetrap: heheheh

Blobchap_ LFP : dont be man :<

saltyy today at 22.30
if you say that TF2 doesn't deserve a competitive scene i will personally send b4nny to your house to slit your throat

Black jesus 4 hours ago
Add me was going to discuss the fritata merchandise rights with you.

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mikeyX Jul 31 @ 1:59pm 
Edit: not talking about this guy everyone, just another random one
mikeyX Jul 31 @ 1:59pm 
that scammer guy was funny though xD
i cant play tf2 for 2 weeks Jul 22 @ 8:11am 
-replacment is gay but okay
twitch.tv/itsjoshhhhhhh Jul 21 @ 6:54pm 
omg r you that amazin demoman I seen on dustbowl?? Bro weren't you on like a 70 killstreak? pls accept frend reqest
Name1 Jul 21 @ 12:10pm 
added for trials
mikejacksonchildmolest69 Jul 19 @ 3:13pm 
+rep good banter