United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I'm sometimes good at video games.

I hear that some steam browser plugins can show on your profile if you're live if you put your Twitch URL in it so here you go I guess
Currently Online
Hey. I'm mostly known for speedrunning Distance, which I'm kinda washed at now but I still enjoy jumping in from time to time (often as a stream game or as a showcase for a speedrun marathon or something). I also play a lot of Tetris (usually TI World or TGM), I'll sporadically get some enjoyment out of Splatoon 3, and lately I've also been getting into BMS and IIDX.

These days I am not particularly receptive to friend requests or direct conversation, but if you happen to stumble across me in a public Discord or something then that's probably the best way to talk to me.

Here, have some links
Discord: Tiyenti#3201
Twitter: TiyentiSR (mostly unused now)
Twitch: Tiyenti [twitch.tv]
YouTube: Tiyenti
Speedrun․com: Tiyenti [speedrun.com]
Cohost: Tiyenti [cohost.org]
Mastodon/Fediverse: @Tiyenti@fgc.network [fgc.network]

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