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Posted: Aug 4, 2019 @ 3:28pm
Updated: Feb 8, 2020 @ 2:15am

i played 400 hours and did OFF my server in EU-US zone (no other servers in this zone) 23 october 2019 and game get online =0. Well done, RFMP moderator. Continue work China server only is alone.
i recommend this game if online in server more 15 players.


Very nice tactical shooter. i very love. Very interesting gameplay if more 10 players.

K - suicide (for fast change place of spawn)
L - change weapons and team at your team flag
!skip - start vote to end round and change map

History of game) copyed from https://steamcommunity.com/app/1104390/discussions/0/1633040337745969900/


Say thank you to the official RFMP command from discord. Members team of officials RFMP discord server (about 2000 participants) a long time LIED to players, that I'm stealing IP's players. there were no other servers in the area Europe-US but mine, but the continued to врать, not knowing anything. Other players, like bugsy, repeated the lies behind the RFMP team members in the official discord server and players stopped entering the multiplayer. Because the area of Europe, the USA just my 2 servers only and 1 server in China, with a very high ping for other areas.
Why were they lying? why they spread false info to 2000 players in discord? because they very very liar people - part of members RFMP discord team. bugsy got banned and I said that he is very dishonest and deceitful man, he decided to check the information from razrabotchika and it turned out that the server does not give IP players. Ahahahahaha. As the team RFMP - himself destroys ONLINE with their negative fake data, scaring players, players are afraid that I can save their IP, although, as it turned out, it's impossible.
Yes! Save IP of players is impossible. Ask in official RFMP discord at not liar members.
My 1 server 64 slots still works and will work.
For the destruction of online You say thank the members of the team in official deep in the RFMP. I saw responses of players, they wrote that stopped playing RFMP since are afraid that will steal their IP.
I have screenshots of discord, I am able to confirm all my words with evidence.
And if someone does not know, any site on the Internet that You visit - records Your IP and other data, logging is enabled by default.
Almost all games are available show and logging IP of players by administrators and recorded in the logs, as an example of this battlefeld 3-4 or any minecraft. In minecraft - even recorded your passwords, if the authorization is made on the server.
My advice to players who are afraid to go to the RFMP server-completely turn off the Internet, because any site you visit, porn site or not, any site knows Your IP.

Proofs, why noob rfmp offficial discord team destroyed online
1. why they noobs? they not play absolutely, i looked 1 member once to last month
2. they do not play this game, so they absolutely do not care about what online or it will not be at all.
3. so they do not play this game, they lie easily, lie a lot and all together lie, and the players trust them and repeat this lie after them

Evidence. You can see nicknames from official rfmp discord team who lie a lot and they are not ashamed to lie, I think their level of competence in games and life is zero

Who and what lied about me? see nicks...)




These false members of the official team are well scared of the players, now they are afraid to go to the server, but there are no other servers, only my server works. Those who are afraid-they have nowhere to play.







But as it turned out later, all this lies about me, that I steal IP's, it's technically impossible


On September 23, members of the official RFMP discord team started lying about me - and attendance began to drop.
Tell them thank you for destruction the online.


All official RFMP command from discord server is completely banned on my servers. Several people lied. For example, let's look at the behavior of the moderator Toxe. He stands for justice, but very selectively. He supports such a serious charge (which is entirely false) as the charge of theft by his silence. Because the members of his team lied and he will remain silent. He is very active in violation of some rules, but is completely inactive when lying members of his team about the only person that supports long-term game server in zone Europe-US. There's no apology, there's no refutation of the lie that they were wrong about me. The rest of the team tacitly supports the lies of the participants. Then all from RFMP discord team got banned (expect developer blipboop). That's fair.

Bugsy lied about me-also got banned.

Euros too banned (current nick in rfmp discord carbdul and cradbul)

if I see other vile liars from discord-they, too, would gain ban.

P.S. about unban.
for getting unban put Your screenshot in RFMP discord server, and write that You were wrong. Tisha does not steal the IP, since technically it was and is impossible. and the word sorry is mandatory

Yes. absolutely. RFMP team from official RFMP discord full have ban, all members.
Crabdul want ban me, hehe. You got ban first.

Crabdul, that's very kind of you. Wants to block the only server, which constantly works in the zone US-Europe. While 2 weeks after the release there are no other servers in the world. and I the only server in the world support this game in the zone US-Europe.
This is further proof that the RFMP discord team hates this game. I know where to send You and I'm sending you all there...
Also get ban by everyone from the RFMP discord team (moderators and others) except the developer who made this game.
You all (RFMP discord team) are completely banned on my servers.
Developer BlipBloop, always welcome to my game server for any tests. Thank you so much for Your wonderful game.

there's a huge difference, RFMP discord team tried destroy multiplayer online,
I'm sure they hate the multiplayer version.
I haven't seen the RFMP discord team in the game, they don't run a server for players.
Before the ban, I only saw one member of the team.
They not play, no help for support servers.

but now online has recovered and even on weekdays 14 players. On weekends I see over 20 players at peak times.
Fresh screenshot https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/611592958298292235/625760298464444462/unknown.png

This is a graph of the drastic decline online after the start of the lies from the RFMP official team on their discord. But online almost returned to the previous level and hope to grow gradually) Come play!


FULL steam chart (online)
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Suchiy_Potroh Feb 2, 2021 @ 11:45am 
where server?
vortigan Dec 3, 2020 @ 7:50am 
i dont even need a dictionary for this one. You seem like a dick, correct me if im wrong tho.
TISHKA DRONT | top-clan.ru | 4G Jun 11, 2020 @ 1:56am 
Players. as far as you can see, the server started disappearing much more often, because several applications are running on this server and if there is a lack of RAM, the RFMP server close and restart after 1-2 hour only (with my script)
to allocate a personal server for this game, donate need 2-4 $ per month. $2 for the Russian location and $4 for Canada, $3 for France. This is the price when paying for 1 year.
this is very stupid, when there are 1600-2000 players in the RFMP discord, no one can run a constantly running server or donate $2 a month so that I run the personal RFMP server.
TISHKA DRONT | top-clan.ru | 4G Jun 11, 2020 @ 1:53am 
You're not even a dummy. You are a pest of that game. You gave a ban to the only hoster in this game in RFMP steam forum (i not did violation any rules in RFMP steam forum, you know that). This gave a sharp decrease online. If the developer of another game wants to kill his games online, let him invite you to
be a administrators. During this year, no other hoster has appeared, except for me. I don’t have to talk to you and waste time, you are a dummy blanket.
Paulius Walnutius Jun 6, 2020 @ 11:00am 
I left because I wasn't interested in the project anymore
Also get fucked, you totally deserved it lmao
TISHKA DRONT | top-clan.ru | 4G Jun 5, 2020 @ 10:09pm 
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/611592958298292235/718692009736667136/unknown.png this absolutely useless person for this game, who gave me a ban in the rfmp discord-left it or was kicked out by dev
TISHKA DRONT | top-clan.ru | 4G Apr 20, 2020 @ 2:36pm 
But this is the real essence of American society. No help, let it all be destroyed. I still have a dedicated Razen 3600 server and paid now for may and will continue to pay. On a low-performance server that I gave to use-the game will gradually die. I will not be a Saviour alone. I'd rather support Bad Company 2. the RFMP diskord Officials poured a huge amount of lies on me and no one apologized, even though I supported this game long time.
TISHKA DRONT | top-clan.ru | 4G Apr 20, 2020 @ 2:36pm 
This game of their RFMP discord is a great example of a pack of Americans where there is no sense of friendship or support between the participants, but only a stupid adherence to the rules. Players used my fast server for six months, and it didn't cost $ 20 a month, it cost more. and when I asked to provide at least a small financial support to the world's only high-quality server without lags in Germany-none of the 1,500 participants of the RFMP discord not donated and single cent. A few symbolic dollars would be enough to vote for the server to work.
TISHKA DRONT | top-clan.ru | 4G Apr 20, 2020 @ 2:36pm 
I'm seeing a decline in traffic online. The reason is a low-performance server. It has too large quanta of processing time and when You meeting with the enemy, it is not possible to make any feints or evade bullets, as it was on my previos high-performance server in Germany. Now if the enemy starts shooting at you - you are almost always killed, with almost no chance to escape. Unfortunately, this reduces the interest in the game, I came to play several times and quickly left. There are not enough previous feints, when every bullet fired had a value. Now it seems that 2-3 quickly fired bullets are like 1 series of shots and the enemy reacts to the entire series of rapid single shots, and not every bullet.
TISHKA DRONT | top-clan.ru | 4G Apr 13, 2020 @ 6:12pm 
As usual, greedy Americans spared $4-5 to extend the server lease in Canada and it has already been removed. It's strange, an American created this game, but Russian controls his online.