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You can buy membership instantly using PayPal on & you can purchase manually through me using:
CSGO Keys / PUBG Keys / TF2 Keys / PaySafeCard / Steam Gift Card / Crypto / Other

I'm available: Everyday, All day (10am -> 11pm) - UTC+0


- Discord: Admin#9999
- Email:
- Trade link: here
- Twitter: @SteamTimeIdler
- Steam bot: Available 24/7 for customers

I am #1 in the world for most hours on some of the most popular games on Steam like:
Rocket League, Rust, Portal 1/2, Bad Rats, GTA, Astroneer, Halo MCC ...and 20+ more games.


Please don't hold back if you ever have a question or problem with SteamTimeIdler. Just add me (Leave a comment if it isn't accepted) and I'll be happy to help you out :)

Why trust Ti Rone?
I've been running SteamTimeIdler for over 5 years non-stop. I reply to every customer who adds me and needs help. I have been a developer for over 10 years & for years before and I was building websites for corporate companies. I now run Stidler as a legal business in the UK & I pay taxes on any income. Please read My reputation thread , newest reps on the last page :)
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Put almost 800 hours into this game. Love it - really awesome title!

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