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Personal Achievements


Pop 100,000,000 bloons
0 / 100,000,000

MOAB Assassin

Destroy 25,000 MOABs
0 / 25,000

BFB Brawler

Destroy 10,000 BFBs
0 / 10,000


Destroy 5,000 ZOMGs
0 / 5,000

Me Did A Job On DDT

Destroy 5,000 DDTs
0 / 5,000


Pop 5,000,000 Fortified bloons
0 / 5,000,000

First Win

1 Non-Tutorial Beginner map Win


Wins on 9 different Beginner maps
0 / 9

Next Level

Win 1 game on an Intermediate map


Win games on 5 different Intermediate maps
0 / 5

Advanced Player

Win 1 game on an Advanced map

Big Monkey

Deploy a tier 4 monkey tower

Mega Monkey

Deploy a tier 5 monkey tower

Hero Time

Deploy a Hero on a non-tutorial map

Hero Powers Activate

Use any Hero Level 3 Ability

Bigger, Badder

Use any Hero Level 10 Ability

Epic Hero

Level any Hero to level 20

Monkey Avenger League

Win a game for 4 different Heroes
0 / 4

You've Got The Power

Use Powers for the first time

Power User

Use Powers 25 times
0 / 25


Use Powers 100 times
0 / 100


Apply your first Monkey Knowledge point


Apply 10 Monkey Knowledge points
0 / 10

Knowledgeable Primate

Unlock all Monkey Knowledge in one branch

Dr. Monkey

Spend 106 Monkey Knowledge points
0 / 106

First Monkeys First

Win 10 games using only Primary monkeys
0 / 10

War Monkeys

Win 10 games using only Military monkeys
0 / 10


Win 10 games using only Magic monkeys
0 / 10

Unsung Monkeys

Win 10 games using only Support monkeys
0 / 10


Beat round 100 in Deflation mode


Beat round 100 in Apopalypse mode


Win 25 games with Alternate Bloon Rounds
0 / 25


Win 25 games on Impoppable Difficulty
0 / 25


Win 10 games in Half Starting Cash mode
0 / 10


Win 25 games against Double HP MOABs
0 / 25

Role Reverser

Win a game in Reverse mode

Medal Winner

Get all medals for a map

Decorated Hero

Get 36 medals on Beginner maps
0 / 36

Red And Blue Makes...

Pop 100,000 Purple bloons
0 / 100,000


Pop 250,000 Camo bloons
0 / 250,000

Our Powers Combined

Collect at least 12 different Powers
0 / 12


Win 1 Daily Challenge

Challenge Apprentice

Win 10 Daily Challenges
0 / 10

Challenge Master

Win 100 Daily Challenges
0 / 100

Perfect Week

Complete all Daily Challenges in a week

Bloons Master

Beat 1 map in CHIMPS mode

Superior Bloons Master

Beat 5 maps in CHIMPS mode
0 / 5

Ultimate Bloons Master

Beat 15 maps in CHIMPS mode
0 / 15

Super BAD

Destroy 1,000 BADs
0 / 1,000


Beat 1 map in Co-op mode

Four times the fun

Beat 1 map in 4-player Co-op mode

Triple threat

Beat 1 map in 3-player Co-op mode


Have 4 Heroes on screen at once

When the going gets tough...

Win 10 games on Hard difficulty in Co-op mode

Kind Benefactor

Give 10,000 Cash in Co-op mode

Generous Benefactor

Give 50,000 Cash in Co-op mode

Monkey Contributor

Give 100,000 Cash in Co-op mode

Monkey Philanthropist

Give 1,000,000 Cash in Co-op mode


Use 10 Powers in Co-op mode

Power overwhelming!

Use 100 Powers in Co-op mode


Use 5 Insta-Monkeys in Co-op mode

Co-op Popper

Pop 10,000,000 Bloons in Co-op mode


Complete a game in CHIMPS Difficulty with only 2 towers

Snap of your fingers

Finish a game with exactly half your starting lives and half your starting cash

Bill Greates

Send $500,000 to an ally in co-op in one go

Bloontona 500

Gain entry to 500 Races

Rookie of the year

Complete a Race in under 10 minutes

Rising star

Complete a Race in under 5 minutes

Top of your game

Complete any Race in under 3 minutes

The greatest challenge

Create or Play 200 Challenges
0 / 200

Lookin fab

Win 100 games using a skin of any Hero


Pop 200,000 Bloons on Peninsula
0 / 200,000

Bloon Master Populous

Deal 1 billion damage with the Bloon Master Alchemist
0 / 1,000,000,000

I see you

Reveal 10,000 Bloons using Shimmer
0 / 10,000


Place 50 Monkeys on a map at once

All for one and one for one

Win a game with only 1 Monkey on screen at any one time in any Hard Difficulty game

Master of Life

Have 1000 lives at once in a single game

Rainbow is Magic

Pop 20,000 Rainbow Bloons with Magic Monkeys
0 / 20,000

What did it cost? - Everything:

Sacrifice every tower type in the game to the Temple

2 MegaPops

Complete a game of CHIMPS with more than 2 million damage dealt by one tower

A Crate Time

Open a Diamond Crate in any Collection Event

Axis of Havoc

Have one of each T5 sniper in one game of CHIMPS

Tower Keeper

Have 200 insta-monkeys in your inventory at one time

A year in the making

Open the Daily Chest 365 times

Kali Maaaaaaaa

Gain 10 levels for Adora in one round


Complete an Odyssey

Seasoned Adventurer

Complete a Hard Odyssey

No Stone Left Unturned

Complete all 3 difficulties of a single Odyssey

12 Tasks of Monk-ules

Complete 12 different Odysseys

Modysseus Rises

Complete 50 Odysseys

Modysseus Forever

Complete 100 Odysseys

Full Speed Ahead!

Complete an Odyssey in under 1 hour

All About That Bling

Purchase a Trophy Store item


Reanimate 250,000 bloons to fight on your side using the Necromancer Wizard

Living on the Edge

Win any non-CHIMPS/Impoppable game with only 1 life remaining

Freaky Friday

Use the Alchemist's Transforming Tonic abilities 100 times

Monkey Fan Club

Create or Login to your Ninja Kiwi account to cloud save your progress

Ready Player One?

Host and win 10 Co-op games

Crash of the Titans

Strip the fortifications from Fortified DDTs 3000 times

A La Code

Submit a Challenge to the Challenge Browser


Pop 1,000,000 Bloons with Dartling Gunners

Coupon Crazy

Spend at least 50 Trophies in the Trophy Store

Instant Gratification

Use a Tier 5 Insta Monkey. NOTE: even after being used, Instas still count toward your collection!

Insta Century

Use 100 Insta Monkeys

Limited Run

Purchase at least 1 new Limited Time item in the Trophy Store

Tools to Darwin

Upgrade towers 20,000 times

8 hidden achievements remaining

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