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Vento in arrivo Aug 29 @ 8:55pm 
Some game suggestions
Vento in arrivo Aug 29 @ 8:54pm 
1.Does the game add bloody movements such as cutting off arms, legs, feet, necks, heads, or stomach and intestines?2.Will a forging system be added to the game to create exclusive custom weapons3.Is it possible to plunder the village and turn the villagers into captives? Of course, the captured enemy soldiers can also become captives, and the NPC will also have the possibility of the captives. Is there any system such as redemption and persuasion4.Is it possible to add a brothel system to the game to allow prostitution, gambling, etc.5.Can you marry a wife and have children in the game, and your children will grow up over time and inherit the protagonist’s will6.Is there a mercenary system7.Can you customize the characters, clothing, weapons, can you be independent in the game8.Can Viking’s ships be customized, and can you add a singing system during the voyage?9.Is there any large-scale siege equipment, such as siege hammer, catapult, Greek fire, ladder, etc.
Vento in arrivo Aug 23 @ 9:28pm 
Can you add to the game the forging system and marriage and birth systems?
Tina Aug 23 @ 8:02pm 
@Vento in arrivo, no, it will not release on September 1st, we didn’t announce any release date yet. But it’s coming soon.
Vento in arrivo Aug 23 @ 7:01pm 
Will the game be released on September 1st, and is this game developed by the Chinese?
Kosmik Gopnik Jul 16 @ 3:18am