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I'm Tim, and I'm on the internet.
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Timbits 2017年12月24日上午8:03 
Fellow timbit. Fellow edmontonian. Aye.
TR Nods 2012年7月10日上午9:53 
what about Might and Magic? Isn't than an RPG? I never played them.
TR Nods 2012年7月10日上午9:52 
I think I'll pick Blackwell up, even if they're short. Adventure is the one genre I try to never miss. Although I actually never played the last Monkey Island game (in however many episodes), to my dying shame. I kind o got sick of Telltale's 3D adventure games, because they're always so goddamn easy and linear.
TR Nods 2012年7月10日上午9:48 
King's Quest 6 is one of my best game memories of all time, and if you can get the version with voice acting I'd totally recommend it. The free online remakes of King's Quest I-III are also really good and professional, because in their original EGA version those games are ♥♥♥♥ing impossible to play and brutally hard (the remake of II was particularly good). Although if you were to go back now to play a classic adventure game I would acually recommend Gabriel Knight instead, because it kicks all kinds of ♥♥♥ and has Tim Curry and Worf as voice actors (while the actors who played Worf, not actually Worf). I played them on gog.com , although if your unscrupulous I'm sure you could easily "aquire" them elsewhere (there are three games, 1 is the best, 2 is an FMV game but actually still really good, and 3 is...well we don't talk about 3). In the first game you're a smarmy Cajun in New Orleans hunting a Vodoun death cult. What more do you even want?
TR Nods 2012年7月8日下午4:53 
Also, I'm pretty sure you need to recommend an RPG on Steam, because OTRSPOD (or whatever the ♥♥♥♥ the acronym even is -- the PA games!) have whetted my appetite for an old school RPG, but aren't good enough on their own to satisfy it. Don't say you don't know any. I know you're holding out on me.
TR Nods 2012年7月8日下午4:49 
Should I have played the Blackwell games? I thought you didn't even like adventure games. You once committed the rank heresy of saying you hadn't played King's Quest (or that it was boring, I forget, but both are unacceptable).