Oprea "TIMEWAR" Cristian   Slatina, Olt, Romania
:csgocross::csgoglobe::csgoanarchist: Deep, deep down ask yourself, “Who do you want to be?” Not what, but who. I’m talking about figuring it out for yourselves, ‘What makes you happy?’
You have to think outside the box. That’s what I believe after all. What’s the point of being on this Earth if all you want to be is be liked and avoid trouble?
We have so many rules in life about everything. I say break the rules, not the law, but break the rules.
I remember that after I was finished with my body building career I wanted to do acting, I wanted to be a star in films. Everyone had the same mind that it can’t be done. They said, “Look at this body, you have this huge monstrous body, you’re overly developed.” This doesn’t fit into the movies. But yer, I didn’t listen to all this, that was their rules. I was convinced I could do it.

I didn’t want to be just a body building champion; I wanted to be the best body builder of all times.
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