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Early Access Review
The game is in early access so there are bugs, but so far they aren't gamebreaking.

  • Unique Lore based on The Repopulation universe created by A&BT
  • Beautiful world with lots of wildlife, native semi-intelligent species, etc
  • Incredible depth of crafting, even when they said it wasn't going to have nearly the depth of the new "Repopulation", whenever that comes out. Now I'm scared.
  • Sci-Fi themed everything which means laser guns and stuff, pew pew!
  • Fun co-op or pvp multiplayer with guild-support.
  • Did I mention the crafting? Goddamn fiber is the bane of my existence, though.
  • "The Repopulation" supporters get Fragmented free.

  • Melee combat is a little buggy and off, it doesn't feel natural yet to swipe at someone in melee.
  • Some bugs are more annoying than others, such as the tool/weapon model you're wielding disappearing or appearing at your waistline. Looking down at a 12" wood club sticking out of my approximate crotch-area makes me feel weirdly proud and worried at the same time.
  • Not enough people playing it, honestly. Need more people!
  • I probably should just bring this up with the staff directly, but too many servers at launch. There are at least a few instances of groups of 3 or 4 people rolling on two or three separate servers in the same region of the exact same type, thus decreasing the chances of players experiencing the real multiplayer aspects of the game.

Overall I highly recommend the game, if only to get more people to realize how much potential it has with more players. Check it out, drop me a line and I can party-crash your server!
Posted April 30, 2016. Last edited April 30, 2016.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries