Arun Verma   Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
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☯ TIGER ☯ Jun 19 @ 11:40pm 
He is my Love dnt even dare to touch him
desmond Jun 14 @ 8:27am 
Accept my friend request
I luv U ❤
Yellow Flash May 25 @ 3:13am 
First off I'm not some pleb I'm an experienced IGL for a highly skilled global elite team. My job consists of anti strating and making mid round calls on the fly to ensure victory as well as keeping up team morale.I have around 3 setups as well as a default for each map.The rest of my attention is spent on team morale and scouting new talent, which honestly anyone in my team can do. I bring to the team are setups and leadership. So anyone in my team culd learn this with a bit of guidance. This leaves leadership, which only really requires someone with low agreeableness and alpha male tendencies. Granted a rare find in the online CS community but not impossible This is why I DM for 6 hours a day because I need to frag out and stay high in the scoreboard which very few pro IGLs seem to do,looking at you Zeus Karrigan.This is why Ence kicked AleksiB, they don't need another ♥♥♥♥♥ who hides behind his brainpower to stay relevant they need someone who can click on heads and open up site
desmond May 25 @ 12:04am 
Konsa class aur form?