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Previously, I listed all of the users that gifted me games here. Unfortunately, there's a very limited amount of text space in the summary. To solve this issue, I've moved all my featured Gifts & Givers over to an unlisted Pastebin! For which a link can be found here!

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Achievement Hunting & Steam Review Hobbies
Achievement Showcase Explanation
Above are two seperate achievement showcases. The first of which is merely asthetic, while the second is used to accurately showcase my total stats, manually.
A while ago, Valve made the bright decision to "hide" achievements and profile stats tied to certain games. Which is a total slap in the face to achievement collectors that spent time & money on those. The showcase's automatic display of "total" achievements, is absolute inaccurate BS. So I've taken to manually keeping track to the best of my ability. The center number is the correct achievement total. The bottom left number showcasing correct completed games total, and the bottom right showcasing the correct % completion rate. Unfortunately, even some dev teams thinks it's amazing to remove Steam achievements tied to their game throughout development, even after you've already collected them (Looking at you Subnautica & BeamNG). So there may still be a few missing ones not listed.

Achievement Hunting
One of my favorite hobbies is to hunt and collect achievements throughout all kinds of games! While I've been collecting them since I started on Steam all the way back in 2010, I only started actively hunting in recent years. I take this hobby quite seriously, which is why I am very touchy about Valve's decision explained above. There's a few ground rules I set down for this hobby regarding achievements/games that I don't consider essential for one reason or another.
Multiplayer Achievements - Any achievement tied to an active server is not essential due to how unreliable online game services & playerbase counts can be. Acquiring these achievements is nothing more than a bonus.
Ridiculous Requirements - Achievements along the lines of "Play with a developer" or "Play on release day/Early Access" etc. , are among the worst offenders and are not considered essential for obvious reasons.

:nekoheart: Showcase Totals (Text) :nekoheart:
Incase the manual showcase goes dark, or has some kind of issue, here's a text version of my totals.
Total Achievements: 137,913
Total Game Completions: 77
Total % Completion Rate: 46%

Steam Reviews
Another hobby of mine to take up on here, is writing reviews. I've been making critical indepth breakdowns for many years now, but always avoided using Steam thanks to its insane character limit. It hurts, but I've put up with heavily compressing my reviews so I can at least post some kind of thoughts here.

I write reviews per chosen game only after a full playthrough, unless stated otherwise. Even if I've already spent many hours in the game. I do it this way to ensure the freshest opinion. The same mindset applies to DLC reviews.
However, DLC cannot be reviewed if it was removed from sale/steam store currently, even if you own it. Unless you had reviewed it prior to its removal. As a result, DLC reviews are not priority, but merely bonuses if I ever write one.

:chocola: Steam Awards mean quite a bit to me, so I appreciate every one that I get on my profile or reviews. :vanilla:

:catpaw: Review To-Do List :catpaw:
Much like with achievement hunting, these are games I'm planning to review soon, but is not a finalized list & may change at any time.
1.) Tomb Raider
2.) Call of Duty: WW2
3.) Half-Life: Opposing Force
4.) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
5.) NEKOPARA Extra

:nekoheart: Review Totals :nekoheart:
A collection of stats regarding my reviews. (To-Redo's are incomplete or partial reviews I posted years ago, that need to be remade into proper reviews)
Total Reviews: 29
Game Reviews: 26
DLC Reviews: 3
Reviews In-Progress: 0
To-Redo Reviews: 3

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