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Unlocked Jun 18 @ 3:31pm

Welcome to Luna Nights

Start the game.

I'll Never Finish Cleaning at this Rate!

Defeat 100 minor enemies.

Colorful Rainbow Gatekeeper

Defeat Meiling.

Ordinary Witch

Defeat Marisa.

An Immovable Great Library

Defeat Patchouli.

The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon

Defeat Remilia.

Aquatic Engineer

Defeat Nitori.

Diabolic Wave

Defeat Flan.

Eternal Shrine Maiden

Defeat Reimu.

Perfect and Elegant Maid

Beat the game.

Extra, Extra!

Beat the extra stage.

Scarlet Devil Mansion Master

Uncover 100% of the map.

Weapon Collector

Collect all of the weapons.

Jewel Collector

Destroy all of the gems in the hidden rooms.

Leave It As You Found It

Throw all vending machine cans in the trash.

Bash 'n Go!

Defeat any boss in 10 seconds (not counting when time is stopped).

No Continues for You!

Beat the game without using any continues.

Boss Rush Rank S

Earn an S rank in Boss Rush.

Boss Rush Rank A

Earn an A rank in Boss Rush.

Boss Rush Rank B

Earn an B rank in Boss Rush.

Item Collector

Collect all of the items.

Touhou luna nights

Unlock all of the achievements.