Fancy Pun Banana {Firehost}
Why do you wanna know my name nub?   Canada
Okay, seems like some people still think it's easy to scam me of all my items. I am not willing to do any middleman trades unless it is someone that is well trusted and good evidence to be trusted. Steam Admins and Item Confirmations are FAKE. My description is below.

Hey look! A wild gamer person! AKA me! Anyways welcome to my profile. I don't do much here.:papyrus: BEST FRIENDS: KaiASaur or any other random name she comes up with. Inflatable Toast, he's a nice guy. :p I'm also a proud owner of starting TF2's (hopefully) first ever Holy Mackeral skin collection!
:resmile: Anyways I hope you like my profile. Also I'm not a trader. But I'm not easy to scam, I know what is, and I donèt like trading.
Currently Online
If you wanna know stuff about me here it is!
Online: Usually I'm not on Steam at the time or I'm switching one of the games I check daily.
Offline: If you don't know this well then get out.
Away: I rarely use this so maybe i should for the first half of Online.
Looking to play/trade: I pretty much never use these so if you do see it then be very surprised.
Busy: Again I pretty much never use this so again be surprised.

:medicon:Most expensive loadout in TF2:medicon:
Most definitely my Spy with my Strange Festive Pro KS Spycicle, Strange Pro KS Diamondback, Strange Cloak n' Dagger, Strange red Tape Recorder, and my Blizzardy Storm Janissary Ketche.

:reheart:Dream Unusuals:reheart:
I'm a simple person, I'd love a Dusk At Dawn Potassium Bonnet.
And a '72 Disco Fever for Spy.
Друг (1k) Mar 31 @ 11:14am 
hey i see you have ∞ hours on tf2 and ~160 hours on gmod, so i wanted to friend you because you seem like a cool_dude.bnn (banana file extension)
Arceus99 Feb 20 @ 4:29pm 
Fancy Pun Banana {Firehost} Feb 20 @ 8:12am 
No problem! I've been getting a lot of them recently so I'm glad to get them banned.
Era Feb 20 @ 6:35am 
That impersonator is banned. Thanks for the tip.
Arceus99 Feb 2 @ 2:46pm 
Cuasi' Jan 31 @ 9:44pm 
Maybe next year?