Fancy Pun Banana {FHR}
Why do you wanna know my name nub?   Canada
Hey look! A wild gamer person! AKA me! Anyways welcome to my profile. I don't do much here.:papyrus: BEST FRIENDS: KaiASaur or any other random name she comes up with. Inflatable Toast, he's a nice guy. :p I'm also a proud owner of starting TF2's (hopefully) first ever Holy Mackeral skin collection!
:resmile: Anyways I hope you like my profile. Also I'm not a trader. But I'm not easy to scam, I know what is, and I don't like trading.

Trade Link Anyways:
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If you wanna know stuff about me here it is!
Online: Usually I'm not on Steam at the time or I'm switching one of the games I check daily.
Offline: If you don't know this well then get out.
Away: I rarely use this so maybe i should for the first half of Online.
Looking to play/trade: I pretty much never use these so if you do see it then be very surprised.
Busy: Again I pretty much never use this so again be surprised.

:medicon:Most expensive loadout in TF2:medicon:
Most definitely my Spy with my Strange Festive Pro KS Spycicle, Strange Pro KS Diamondback, Strange Cloak n' Dagger, Strange red Tape Recorder, and my Blizzardy Storm Janissary Ketche.

:reheart:Dream Unusuals:reheart:
I'd love a Dusk At Dawn Potassium Bonnet.
And a '72 Disco Fever for Spy, because themes.
Though if you'd like to get me a cheap unusual as a gift.
Here's one going for 10 Keys that I like, a Silver Cyclone Victory Lap.
|-ICE-| ♚Boo♚ Jul 12 @ 8:50am 
o m e g a s u c c :trolol:
ant Jun 17 @ 12:32pm 
you didn't respond quick enough. it was 2 hours apart
Fancy Pun Banana {FHR} Jun 16 @ 6:45pm 
Fancy Pun Banana {FHR} Jun 16 @ 6:45pm 
no u
туℓєяяσѕѕ1115 Jun 16 @ 5:31pm 
fuck you

☀Sunn☀ May 9 @ 8:00pm 
n o U!