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68 74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 30 62 69 6e 2e 6e 65 74 2f 70 61 73 74 65 2f

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helo 14 hours ago 
Try something harder than hex to decimals and maybe different puzzles, like arrange the numbers in the right order or make a link that leads to an image where you have the find the code or certain numbers! The second option appeals to me, if you get what im tryina say :p
im just doing this for fun
helo 21 hours ago 
May I ask what youre using all of this for?
it's the same, but i added a link. gonna experiment with it
helo 22 hours ago 
https://0bin.net/paste/TK3OMp2f0N5l58Wu#T5bSij73K23SvZDcAIvLOhZJHhw7AkY9ob7EjK8IKAV and that once again is hex to decimals and the whole process all over again
helo 22 hours ago 
Encrypting a link? Was that what you were going for?