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CS, in all its variants, still plays a major role in how I evaluate first-person shooters. Since I discovered the original HL mod, I can recall hours spent with friends planting bombs, rescuing hostages, and competing for frag superiority. To say we played a lot is an understatement, and we played just about every mod in existence: gun game, surf, scoutsknivez, zombie, escape, prison, RPG, etc.


What CS:GO does well is it incorporates classic CS into visually appealing graphics, physics, and gameplay. Both competitive and casual gameplay is nostalgic and fun.

The game is challenging, which I enjoy. You won't get far without some semblance of skill. Effective communication and tactful play are important as well.

Valve has also integrated an economy based on visually appealing gun/knife skins via drops or uncrating, allowing players to customize the appearance of their favorite weapons. Valueable skins are highly coveted, though this may be a con depending on how you look at it.


Not that I'm a great shot, but the hit registry seems buggy. You can point your crosshair at an opponent, fire, see blood on your opponent's player model, and deal absolutely no damage. There's also a strange showdown scenario: two players, both firing at each other at the same time, with the "loser" of the showdown's bullets being deleted in midair if chronologically fragged first—which can be frustrating at times.

And then there's the online community, which is just... ...awful. Even if you're the type of player who likes to mind your own business, expect the following:

-Endless berating/hate for any misplays or novice understanding of strats, maps, and/or bullet spread patterns.
-Being kicked from servers via mob mentality.
-A nonstop orchestra of grunting, screaming, chanting, bad jokes, and hazing (which can admittedly be hilarious sometimes).
-Cheaters/scripters: These guys show up fairly often, even in casual, employing the obvious aimbotting or the not-so-obvious wall hacks.
-Literal 8-year-olds piloting a rated M title, wandering about aimlessly, and contributing nothing to their teams.

All this being said, there are upstanding players who will defend the tenets of "good" behavior, voting off the occasional hacker and whatnot. It's just to say that (most basically) you WILL be exposed to a whirlwhind of injustice and madness during online play.

Overall, I would recommend CS:GO to hardy individuals who enjoy competitive first-person shooters.
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The boing sound after they say gaytime lulz