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Notorious dumbreon and furry trash [i.imgur.com].
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- IMPORTANT! I just don't talk or even notice messages on steam anymore. The only time I am on it is when I have to be logged in to play a game or two with friends, which is rare. Don't feel like I'm ignoring you if you message me on steam and I never respond. Talk to me on discord! Dunder#4452

- Probably won't accept friend requests unless you leave a comment or we have similar friends/groups.

- This is my leaf. We've lived together for 5 years now.

- I have a chronic affliction of notmessagefirstitus. I'm sorry, I am just not someone who almost ever seeks out attention. It is just how I am. It does not reflect on my opinion of you or how much I care in any way. I am generally more than happy to give you attention when you want it, provided this isn't consistently abused. Message me any time.

- For the most part, I really don't play very many online games anymore. You're welcome to ask if I'd like to play something with you, but don't be too disappointed when I'm not interested. However, I do run a gmod server. We do weekly events. So there's that. Also CS:GO sometimes.

- I use the Pidgin steamworks plugin the vast majority of time for Steam. This accounts for why it always shows me as on mobile and why I mess up and use /me a lot. Also it drops messages and disconnects me a bit more than I'd like. Also away/online statuses are not very reliable, so don't think I am ignoring you just because I am "online".

- Arch Linux, KDE, firefox. Please don't gift me windows-only games.
Zeta Arcade 22 apr 2019, ore 13:05 
Hi, may i speak to you? i have a question to ask about someone that is like semi-important
Umbra 8 gen 2019, ore 11:32 
I'm sorry for being a butt, please talk to me
Kyuu 26 dic 2018, ore 9:34 
Merry Christmas!~ <3
the bathroom menace 9 ott 2018, ore 1:42 
🐾Rexi =~=🐾(University) 1 apr 2018, ore 2:00 
Happy Easter ^///^
[Apex]River 24 mar 2018, ore 22:09